New Democrat Talking Point in Response to the Joe Biden ‘Age Question’ Defies Belief

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As President Joe Biden nears the time when he is expected to make a formal announcement about running for reelection (rumor has it that he’ll do it sometime in March or April), fresh excuses are pouring in from his Democratic supporters as to why his age shouldn’t be an issue despite all the available evidence showing it very much is an issue.


The latest example comes courtesy of CNN, which did a surprisingly thorough piece on the “age questions” that Biden has been hit with since even before he declared his presidential candidacy in 2019.

According to the report, among the strategies the Biden team is set to employ after Biden makes it official are similar to some of the ones used in 2020, which is to use young 20- and 30-something Democrats to vouch for Biden’s supposed vitality and fitness to lead while promising that he is ushering in a “new generation of leaders” or whatever:

Top surrogates deployed at a regular clip would include a roster populated by a younger generation of politicians, people familiar with the matter say, even as one pointed out that given Biden’s age, that’s to some degree an inevitability.

But later on in the write-up, we hear from a longtime Biden ally in Delaware who – incredibly – suggests that Biden has more energy now at 80 years of age than he did in the late 1980s when he was in his 40s:

“The energy is higher now than maybe when I first met him, and I really believe that that’s inspired by the work,” said Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, who as a Delaware Democrat has known and worked with Biden much of her life.


But as conservative commentator Jim Geraghty observed, that’s “not plausible”: considering the timeframe she’s likely talking about:

Rochester began her career as an intern in the office of Delaware’s lone representative in Congress, Tom Carper, in 1988. She likely met Biden that year or shortly thereafter. The notion that Joe Biden, at age 80, has more energy now than when he was in his mid-to-late 40s is not plausible.

A simple roll of the tape (and there’s plenty more where this came from) tells the full story on Joe Biden’s energy level:

I recently predicted that the Democrat spin regarding Joe Biden’s age and mental acuity would insult our intelligence on an epic level, and that is already starting to bear out. I mean we’re being told he’s more active and peppy than he was in the late 80s and we’re also being told that he’s the “best communicator” the White House has.

People can see right through this stuff. And the more the Biden White House and his various surrogates try to push the false narrative that Biden can run circles around them the more they’re gonna realize they’re being gaslit – and not just on this issue but on those of much greater import.


Considering a majority of Americans have indicated in polls that they have concerns about Biden’s mental fitness to preside over the country, the White House’s/Biden campaign’s continual obscene posturing on this issue is likely to come back and haunt him at the ballot box, and for good reason. There’s only so much sunshine one can blow up someone else’s backside before the recipient decides enough is enough.

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