Biden Keeps Calling for 'Doug,' Gets Confused on Stage, and Wife Mocks Him


Joe Biden had a very confused and angry day on Thursday. I touched on some of it in an earlier post where he said so many things that weren’t true about the economy and ended up correctly — but accidentally — blaming himself for the problems.


But he also had a lot of other confusion. During those remarks, he tried four times to talk about and reach out to “Doug” as he was talking.

“Where’s Doug? Congressman?” When there’s no one named “Doug,” it’s hard for him to respond to Joe Biden’s entreaties. He seemingly was trying to reference Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA).

He almost got it here.

Was the third time the charm?

Not so much. But it was a flashback to when Biden got so confused and called out to Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) who had died the month before. He knew she had died, making special recognition of it, but seemed to have completely forgotten that a month later.

Biden’s remarks about “Doug” wasn’t the end of the confusion on the day. Biden also had to attend an AAPI New Year event at the White House. He had difficulty just getting out “AAPI” and ended up saying “NIH” (hardly the same thing).


Ironically, he did end up calling it by its full name Asian American Pacific Islander. So he did manage to get something right.

He was a little surprised by the Lion Dance.

Jill Biden dragged him up on stage and then laughed evilly, mocking him, “You’re not going to dance, Joe, you’re not going to ruin the evening.” And he just stood there, looking goofy.

But then Joe also got confused when he was left on the stage alone, looking around like he didn’t know where to go, “I guess I gotta step down here.”

Yes, Joe, it’s more than past time that you get off the stage. Unfortunately, though, your backup Kamala Harris is pretty bad as well.


But then as he was trying to exit the event, reporters naturally tried to slip in some questions about his classified document scandal and whether or not he was going to let the FBI in to search his Rehoboth Beach home. He looked back at them with a blank stare. But Jill wasn’t about to let him answer them and say something stupid, so she hustled him out of there.

Biden keeps ducking those questions, but that isn’t going to make the problem disappear.


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