Left's Favorite Woke Trump Family Member Tells on Herself in Reaction to Haley Announcement

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Almost invariably, Democrats will slip up and let their true colors show, like for instance how Rep. “Mad Maxine” Waters admitted in 2019 that before there were any allegations of wrongdoing, she had planned on eventually trying to have then-President Donald Trump impeached because she didn’t like that he defeated Hillary Clinton.


Another example was in how so-called “criminal justice reform advocates” on the left, who routinely call for a more “fair” process for defendants, laughed at and mocked Kyle Rittenhouse for supposedly fake-crying when he was on trial for alleged “intentional homicide”–in what was clearly a self-defense case.

The latest example comes from Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, a Democrat through and through. She is revered on the far left of course for being a “woke” member of the Trump family and one who is unabashedly anti-Trump to the point she wrote a book about him, was a preferred “anonymous” media source on supposed dirt about him, and at one point sued him over allegedly “swindling” her out of her inheritance, though the case was tossed out in November.

Ms. Trump, it would seem, is not happy about former Trump United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley announcing her 2024 presidential candidacy. In response to the news, Mary Trump posted this unhinged tweet (language warning) where she made sure to call the former South Carolina governor “Nimrata Haley”:


It goes without saying that racism just is not a good look at all, but then again, Mary Trump wants the attention of the Very Online Left, CNN, MSNBC, and other far-left “news” orgs, so this is how she’s decided to play the game.

As my colleague Bonchie wrote earlier, Politico also pushed a similar line of attack not long after Haley made it official, reviving a long-running claim among Haley’s critics that she’s tried to hide her Indian-American heritage by using the name “Nikki.”

But as we’ve noted before, Haley’s full name, as it is listed on her birth certificate, is Nimarata Nikki Randhawa and in the past she’s said she has used “Nikki” since she was a child.

Haley responded accordingly at the time to an attack from racist “View” co-host Sunny Hostin, who had suggested Haley was a sellout for supposedly refusing to “embrace her authenticity”:


In a 2018 tweet, Haley wrote that “Nikki is my name on my birth certificate. I married a Haley. I was born Nimarata Nikki Randhawa and married Michael Haley.”

In the summer of 2021, Mary Trump was seemingly wanting to hold hands and sing Kumbaya:

Like I said earlier, give them time, and they will usually tell us who they really are.

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