Trump's Niece to Write Tell-All Book, Was Primary Source for NYTs Hit Piece

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President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Gov. Kim Reynolds, R-Iowa, in the Oval Office of the White House, Wednesday, May 6, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


Trumps niece, Mary Trump, is apparently looking for her fifteen minutes of fame. In fact, it appears she’s been doing that for a long time. You may recongize her from her 2016 proclamations about how awesome Hillary Clinton is.

The Daily Beast has new details about a tell-all book coming from the Trump family member.

There certainly appears to be bad blood here and I’m going to guess we are getting only one side of the story. She makes the claim that Trump cut off financial support for her ill nephew. What we don’t know is what prompted the President to make that call, if that call actually happened. Also, who is the ill child? Are they still alive? No one is entitled to having someone else pay their bills and I’d bet anything there’s far more to this falling out than “orange man mean.”

One claim seems way out of bounds to me though.


Apparently, she plans on accusing Trump of killing his own brother via nebulous claims of “neglect,” whatever that means. I can’t think of a lower, scummier thing to do to a family member, but this is apparently par for the course with Mary Trump.

You also won’t be surprised to learn that she’s the primary source for a past hit piece put out by The New York Times that centers on Trump’s taxes. Many of the claims in that piece went nowhere, but no one ever accused the Times of having standards. The book will purportedly reveal that Mary herself leaked confidential tax documents to the press for the above Times story. How that won’t end up with her in legal trouble, I’m not sure. I don’t know all the details that would go into that.

What I do know is that the media are absolutely shameless to run with this kind of stuff. Mary Trump isn’t much better. Trying to cash in to trash your family has always struck me as something only the worst types of people do. We’ll see what all is revealed once the book actually releases.




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