Freshman Democrat Congressman Busted Over Wild 'Rules for Thee' Pattern of Behavior

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Not that it should come as a surprise to anyone that yet another Democrat has been caught engaging in the “rules for thee” type of behavior that they’ve become infamous for, but the most recent instance may very well take the cake.


Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) is a freshman member of Congress whose claim to fame as far as Democrats are concerned is that he was the lead impeachment counsel for Democrats during the first Trump impeachment trial. A member of the storied Goldman-Sachs family, Goldman was accused by the more “woke” Democratic rivals in a crowded primary field in the summer of 2022 of trying to buy his seat considering he donated millions to his own campaign.

Obviously, the attacks didn’t work, and nowadays Congressman Goldman is doing things like pushing for safer roads and more reliance on “green energy.”

Except when one takes a look at his record from over the last six years or so, they find out that not only does Goldman not practice what he preaches, but he practically revels in doing exactly what he believes everyone else shouldn’t be:

Freshman Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman’s two luxury vehicles have amassed at least 84 traffic and parking violations in the last six years.

The congressman and multi-millionaire has been fined $6,515 for violations by his 2019 Lincoln Navigator Reserve and a 2014 Range Rover, both registered to him at his $27 million, six-bedroom condo in Tribeca, according to city Finance Department records. He lives there with his wife and five children.


His enormous, gas-guzzling SUVs also raise questions about Goldman’s rhetoric as a Green New Deal champion.

“I am proud to join the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition in the fight for environmental justice and a comprehensive and equitable green energy transition,” he said just this week.


As the NYC Streets Blog noted, the bigger issue was not the parking tickets but other tickets that show Goldman put others in danger with his recklessness:

But when we reviewed the record — you can too, right here! — we saw that Goldman graduated from three years of parking tickets (2016-2018) towards increased reckless driving through school zones and other places where pedestrians can be killed or maimed:

I mean I’m all for roads, bridges, highways and the like being safer, and if someone wants the world to be a “greener” place to live in, they’re more than welcome to advocate for it in the public arena where the idea can be debated and maybe even voted on. But you kind of have to live up to your own standards before your critics will take you seriously, you know? I know that’s a tall order for Democrats all things considered, but just sayin’.


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