Twittersphere Blisters 'Lying, Leaking, Clown' Adam Schiff After McCarthy Boots Him From Intel Committee

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What can be said about Adam Schiff that hasn’t already been said? Let’s make that what can I put in writing about a smarmy political hack with apparently zero conscience who has told more lies and made more “smoking gun” promises over the last six years than, as my dad used to say, you can shake a stick at.


Welp, as the headline suggests, Twitter users had a helluva lot to say, and continued to do so, after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday night, as promised, officially booted Schiff — and equally smarmy political hack Eric Swalwell — off the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, as reported by my colleague Nick Arama earlier Wednesday.

Schiffty of course threw a predictable snit fit when the boot came, profusely lying as usual and making silly threats on his way to the curb:

Kevin McCarthy just kicked me and @RepSwalwell off the Intelligence Committee.

This is petty, political payback for investigating Donald Trump.

If he thinks this will stop me, he will soon find out just how wrong he is.

I will always defend our democracy.

Oh, boo-hoo — and please. Serial liar Schiff’s 24×7 obsession with Donald Trump has been pathetically hilarious, and his claim of “defending our democracy” is laughable. As for Eric Swalwell, the dude had a sexual relationship with a Chinese Communist spy, for heaven’s sake.

Sorry, Schiffty, you and Swally got exactly what you both deserved.


Anyway, as I previously mentioned, Twitter users have been all over the ever-smug California congressman since McCarthy made his removal from Intel official. Fox News contributor and editor-in-chief of The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, tweeted her take on the issues that led to Schiff’s unceremonious boot:

Adam Schiff, who for years falsely claimed to have evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, and whose office is known for widespread leaking to support such partisan information operations, has been kicked off the Intel Committee.

Bingo. And worse.

Hemingway’s colleague Sean Davis, The Federalist CEO and co-founder, took it to the paint against Schiff:

“Good. You’re a lying, leaking clown. You and Swalwell can use your extra free time to start the Friends of Fang Fang Committee.”

Fang Fang of course a fine reference to Eric Swalwell’s ChiCom spy lover.

University of New Mexico professor Nick Flor destroyed Schiffty with hot facts:


“This is petty, political payback…”

Okay, look. You lied 24/7 for FOUR YEARS about having proof of President Trump’s collusion with Russia. LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


It’s not payback. It’s inevitable.

You do know, professor, that Adam Schiff is incapable of grasping the truth in your tweet, right?

Richochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel used his snarky sense of humor — I say that as a compliment from one snark to another — to needle Schiffty:

You look like a Furby.

Nicely played, my friend.

A few of my other faves:

Podcaster Drew Berquist: kicked off his tweet to Schiff with three ROFL emojis:

No you won’t. You and your buddies in DC (plenty on our side too) are the most untalented (yet egotistical) anti-America douche bags on the planet.

Joey Gilbert, retired boxer and 2022 Nevada Republican primary gubernatorial candidate, tweeted:

It’s about time you got removed FULL OF SCHIFF.. ..


You have been a complete disaster and embarrassment…

Bye Felicia

Senior Digital Strategist Greg Price offered Schiffty a tongue-in-cheek deal:

You can rejoin the Intelligence Committee when you find the Russian collusion


The blister list continues to grow as we speak. Thing is, it’s not just Schiffty’s serial lying that matters; his only real allegiance appears to be himself. As my colleague Streiff reported last week, Schiff now appears eager to throw embattled Joe Biden under the bus as far as he can.

Not that Mumbles Biden doesn’t richly deserve every minute of it, but at least one might think that birds of a feather — never mind; we’re talking about Adam Schiff.


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