News Outlets Respond Accordingly After CNN's Oliver Darcy Bullies Them Over Twitter Advertising

Though CNN’s Chris Licht has made a lot of personnel and line-up changes since he took over as CEO back in May, recent actions taken by some who remain on-staff show Licht clearly still has a lot of work to do.


Oliver Darcy, who was the heir-apparent to the “Reliable Sources” newsletter after fellow media hall monitor Brian Stelter was handed his walking papers, has taken to using his little bully pulpit to try and shame other media outlets who have continued to advertise on Twitter even in the aftermath of CEO Elon Musk temporarily suspending several “journalists” Thursday.

Sadly for Darcy, only one seems to have bowed to his bullying.

On Friday, he gleefully shared the news that Puck News had “paused” their ads on Twitter for the time being, presumably until things cool down and Karens like Darcy move on to other “issues”:

But in Monday’s newsletter, a petulant Darcy noted he’d run into some snags after repeatedly pestering the Wall Street Journal and Semafor on whether they’d keep their ads in place on Twitter:

Doesn’t Ad Up: Typically, it would not be expected for a news organization to hand over money to a company actively engaged in censoring the press. That’s why Puck told me last week that it was pausing its advertising campaigns on Twitter, saying the platform’s values no longer appear to align with its own. But The Wall Street Journal and Semafor apparently see no issue in continuing to do business with Twitter. I asked The WSJ how it could continue sending advertising dollars to the company as owner Elon Musk arbitrarily banishes reporters he doesn’t like, but a spokesperson ignored several requests for comment. And a spokesperson for Semafor would only say the company is “evaluating the situation.” It’s unclear exactly what Semafor is evaluating or how long this evaluation will take. I checked in multiple times on Monday with the spokesperson and didn’t hear back.


Good on the WSJ and Semafor for pretty much ignoring Darcy’s “requests for comment” because as we all know at this point, Darcy is not an objective journalist, as evidenced by his characterization of Musk’s actions as “arbitrarily banishing reporters he doesn’t like.” Darcy is nothing more than a left-wing woketivist who tries to craft and spin bogus narratives for RTs, clicks, and attaboys rather than do any actual genuine reporting.

As further evidence, note that when Twitter, in collusion with federal intelligence agencies, locked the New York Post out of their account for roughly two weeks over the Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020, Darcy commenced in no such campaigns to inquire of media outlets advertising on Twitter at the time:

As my RS colleague and LieAble Sources host Brad Slager recently observed, Darcy is real quick to start wailing about “censorship” when people on his side are seemingly “silenced.” Yet he’s routinely engaged in his own campaigns to silence outlets and individuals for WrongSpeak, whether by way of either starting or joining shaming campaigns or by looking the other way as the silencing was being done by others.


Once a hack, always a hack. And Darcy is definitely a hack.

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