Hilarious: CNN's Oliver Darcy Tries a Lecture on 'Propaganda' Journalism, Immediately Undermines Himself

Hilarious: CNN's Oliver Darcy Tries a Lecture on 'Propaganda' Journalism, Immediately Undermines Himself
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The last couple of months have not been good for CNN’s junior media hall monitor Oliver Darcy.

He’s been nukedtwice – by Fox News’ anchor Bret Baier after trying to pick fights with him on Twitter, and at one point was even thrown under the bus by his partner in crime Brian Stelter, who couldn’t run away from Darcy’s petty attacks on Baier fast enough. It was a pretty humiliating series events, to say the least – not just for Darcy but also for the network which employs him.

In addition to that, respected George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley gave Darcy an important PSA earlier this month on the importance of free speech after Darcy called for Twitter to censor President Trump’s Twitter account under the guise of wanting to slow the spread of fake news.

Mr. Darcy’s latest embarrassing stunt took place earlier today on the Twitter machine, when he very stupidly and foolishly attempted a lecture against the so-called “propagandists” at Fox News. “The reality is that Fox is a right-wing cable channel with conservative programming during the day and full-blown propagandists at night,” he proclaimed:

That a guy who works for what has effectively has become state-run TV for the Biden-Harris campaign is giving others supposed pointers about what straight news is and isn’t was outright laughable, but that wasn’t the funniest thing about Darcy’s mini-rant.

What was especially hilarious was that in Darcy’s very first tweet talking about “propagandists”, he was linking to the left-wing hacks at Media Matters (Matthew Gertz is listed as a “senior fellow” at MMFA), a site with a notorious penchant for pushing liberal propaganda on a massive scale – all of it designed to take down CNN’s stiffest competition: Fox News.

In fact, Darcy and Stelter both make it a point to reference MMFA often in their tweets and newsletters. So who are the real “propagandists” here?

There was also this:

‘Nuff said.

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