Uproar Ensues After the WaPo Dusts off Old Trick to Smear Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss

So-called “journalists” and their Very Online Left allies are still seething (but not yet coping) over the gradual release of the Twitter Files which among other things prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Twitter under the old regime made up the rules as they went along, with the ultimate goal being to ban then-President Donald Trump, protect then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and suppress conservative voices – oftentimes at the behest of the FBI and DHS.


Twitter CEO Elon Musk smartly bypassed traditional media outlets and released the files to several independent journalists for publishing on his social media platform, including former NY Times opinion page editor Bari Weiss and former Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi, both of who respectively moved on to Substack. Both have predictably been subjected to ridicule and attempts at discrediting by The Usual Suspects, many of who are simply jealous that they were not made privy to the same information.

Case in point, the Washington Post, which in a Monday piece on Twitter dissolving its Trust and Safety Council initially referred to both Taibbi and Weiss as “conservative” journalists.

The piece has since been quietly edited to take out the word “conservative” but screengrabs show how it initially looked:

Now, conservatives may look at that and go “what is wrong with that description?” because in our view, being a conservative is a good thing. But in Media World, being described as a “conservative” is a deliberate attempt at a slight, meant to discredit anyone, whether they be a journalist, activist, CEO, what have you who does not toe the woke “progressive” line.


Glenn Greenwald, who is also an independent journalist who has sometimes been falsely described as “conservative” or “allied with the right wing” (in so many words), further explained how it works:

“What this really is about is the inability of media liberals to understand the world except through the crudest and most primitive prism: you’re either in their Dem-loyal clique, which means affirming every last one of their pieties, or you’re a far-right fascist. Nothing else,” Greenwald went on to note.

And for a newspaper that early on in Trump’s administration changed their masthead to include the slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” the WaPo seems awfully keen on, well, keeping their readers in the dark:


I think they do know and don’t care. Because The Narrative™ must be preserved at all costs, even if it means sacrificing whatever remaining credibility (if any) the WaPo has left.

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