Herschel Walker Dings Raphael Warnock Where It Hurts in Closing Days of Campaign

The only 2022 Senate race that has yet to be decided is the one between Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and his GOP opponent Herschel Walker. Neither candidate reached 50 percent on Election Day, with Warnock receiving 49.44 percent of the vote to Walker’s 48.49 percent. Because of that, the race is headed to a runoff, which takes place Saturday, December 6th.


Though control of the Senate is no longer in play (Democrats will again control it with at least 50 seats plus VP Kamala Harris’ votes), Republicans are trying to avoid giving Joe Biden an easier path to legislative victory in the Senate by going all out in the closing days to make sure Georgia voters know who Raphael Warnock really is beyond the “Reverend” veneer.

In the aftermath of an ad Warnock started running about Walker a week ago on “character” – implicitly disparaging Walker’s in the process, Walker’s campaign hit back hard with its own by using Warnock’s words against him.

“Character is what you do when nobody’s watching,” you see Warnock say in the Walker ad before it pivots to the personal issues Warnock has faced via the bitter child custody battles with his ex-wife Oulèye Ndoye as well as the ongoing rent/eviction scandal involving low-income tenants in properties Warnock’s church owns:


Both Walker and his campaign also hit back against a Warnock surrogate’s claims about him, stating that former Johnson County (Georgia) High School football team assistant coach Curtis Dixon was not being honest about his relationship with Walker from back in the day, and also has character issues of his own:

We’ve got just a few days to go before Georgia voters ultimately decide, but with the race being as close as it is clearly Warnock himself is desperate to gain an advantage considering the reports that people from other states are being called by his campaign with pleas to vote for him.

As I said about this race before, Democrats needed to worry about trying to drag the alleged skeletons out of Walker’s closet because Warnock has a fair amount of those as well, with some of them ongoing as indicated above. What this race is going to boil down to, in my opinion, is whether or not Georgians want to make life a little easier for Joe Biden on the Senate side or not.


As always, stay tuned for the latest developments. We’ll keep you posted on them, and will have the final results from the runoff as they come in.

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