Georgia, You Have a Raphael Warnock Problem

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Many divorces are hot messes, and when you get high-profile celebrity and “Christianity” in the mix, it makes it even worse. But Tucker Carlson’s drop of the Reverend Raphael Warnock and his now ex-wife Ouleye Ndoye’s altercation involving a car is less a revelation, and more a confirmation.


Raphael Warnock is not the man he appears to be on all the cable news shows and at his rallies. Each time he has been confronted with video and allegations of behavior that is questionable or beyond the pale, Warnock either fails to respond to the questions, dodges, or denies he did anything at all that could be deemed suspect.

This speaks to a possible lack of empathy and a total lack of self-awareness. I’ve said before that sociopaths make great politicians, but horrible legislators, and for all of his opponent Kelly Loeffler’s faults, she’s at least shown some prowess at actual legislation for her constituents.

This latest video goes to a pattern that is well established. The Good Reverend is a fraud whose actions could prove dangerous to others. He also has dangerous friends and ideas. It’s a lethal combination, and shows that Warnock should not be in any form of elected office.


Ndoye said to the police officers in the video,

“He is a great actor. He is phenomenal at putting on a really good show.”

As my colleague Nick Arama pointed out, we have had front row seats to the Raphael Warnock show since the primaries in March.

“We’ve already covered a lot of it, from his radical statements about Marxism and Rev. Jeremiah Wright to being arrested for obstructing a child abuse investigation at a camp he helped run, he’s a bad story magnet and just keeps giving reason after reason not to vote for him.”

A bad story magnet. And not a whole lot of good stories, which, for a man of 51 years who has lived much of his life in public service, is kind of troubling. Even his website’s campaign biography focuses a lot on his past, not a whole lot on his present. Why is that?

Maybe because his present is where all the bad stories have existed.

A man is also known by the company he keeps. The fact that he took over the New Georgia Project from grifter Stacey Abrams, and that organization is once again the target of voter fraud allegations begs the question of his judgment as well as his integrity. When your heroes are Fidel Castro and Reverend Jeremiah Wright, it begs the question of your philosophies and intentions.

Here are some other troubling associations and patterns:

Warnock openly campaigned with anti-Semite Hank Johnson.

As stated above, he also admires Jeremiah Wright and considers him a mentor.

Warnock loves to rail about Black Genocide, yet is proudly pro-choice.

Even calls himself a “pro-choice Pastor”. Black babies are killed at a rate of 247 per day in abortion mills; talk about Genocide.

Warnock slams the military and uses the good Christian card to do so.

This despite his own father being a veteran. Warnock’s opponent, Kelly Loeffler retweeted the Tucker Carlson expose without comment. That was smart. Let Ndoye’s words and the interview speak for itself. Warnock, ever the smooth operator, Ndoye is visibly upset. It makes for a really good show. Maybe too good.

Vote accordingly, Georgians.


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