Elon Musk’s Moves Prove Right on Target After Jen Rubin Makes Hilarious Announcement

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As we previously reported, Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has caused no shortage of meltdowns along with attention-seeking announcements from Very Important People™ who claim they are quitting the platform in disgust (but who will no doubt slither back on later because they just won’t be able to stay away).


Relatedly, Musk toying with the idea of charging Twitter users between $8 and $20 month for the verified blue check beside their names sent the already triggered straight into orbit, with some using expletive-filled tweets to note Musk wouldn’t get one red cent from them.

But while it’s exciting to think that some of the most obnoxious leftists you’ve ever come across in the media, in Hollywood, and in the D.C. swamps may indeed be picking up their ball and going home, it was a threat to leave from one in particular that caused howls of laughter and cheers to erupt across the country, so much so that you might have even felt the earth shake a little bit in the process.

Self-proclaimed “pro-democracy opinion writer” Jennifer Rubin of NeverTrump/Washington Post infamy fired off an angrygram to Musk Wednesday in which she declared that Musk was putting Twitter “on a death spiral” with his commitment to free speech and open dialogue, and that “respectful users” (aka leftists) like herself who were disgusted by it didn’t have to play in his “trashed” sandbox:

The explanation might be far simpler: An electric car mogul might simply know little about what it takes to run a broad-based social network. In fact, the qualities that afflict many billionaires — utter lack of self-awareness and out-of-touchness — might make him uniquely unfit to turn his purchase into a moneymaking operation.

Rubin, who is undoubtedly one of the least self-aware and out-of-touch people on this planet, accusing Musk of the same is something else, but I digress:


So while Twitter might become as horrible as you feared, the good news is that Musk is severely limited by the operation of the free market and government regulators. (And if he drives the company into the ground, think of the hours that heavy users will get back in their lives!) Musk can trash his sandbox, but the rest of us don’t have to play in it.

On her Twitter feed, a righteously indignant Rubin went even further, declaring she “will leave Twitter rather than pay Musk a single dime for anything”:

The mockery started not long after, with some wondering who would be the hardest hit by Rubin’s exit:

To his credit, Hashmi has hilariously started a GoFundMe to save Rubin’s Twitter account, perhaps because he knows how much he stands to lose if she follows through LOL:

“We must not let this happen. Jennifer Rubin is the life force of Twitter. If she goes, it will be the end of Twitter and democracy as we know it. Let’s fight to ensure she stays. Join us,” he wrote on the GoFundMePage.

As of this writing, $44 has been raised towards the $69,420 goal.

As to the answer on who really would be hardest hit by Rubin leaving Twitter? No doubt that would be White House chief of staff Ron Klain, who on any given day is seen enthusiastically retweeting her Baghdad Bob-esque missives about Joe Biden, because remember that NeverTrumpers feel the best way to conserve conservatism or whatever is to completely sell out to the highest bidder on the opposing team because clicks and RTs and stuff.


Then again, maybe that’s the problem for Jennifer Rubin. D.C. is filled with supposedly “principled conservative” grifters like herself searching for their next media hit, book deal, or cocktail party invite. The competition is fierce, and perhaps the money well has run dry, so forking out $8 a month maybe isn’t in her budget anymore.

Who knows? But one thing is for certain: A Twitter without Jennifer Rubin’s cringe-inducing obnoxiousness is some of the best news I’ve heard on the social media front in a very long time.

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