Elon's Move to Change Twitter Verification System Is Causing Liberal Blue-Check Tantrums

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We wrote about reports that Elon Musk might be bringing a new system to Twitter, and start charging for being verified/having a blue check.

Now, Musk is fleshing that out a bit more, and naturally, fragile liberal blue checks are melting down in response.


“Twitter’s current lords & peasants system for who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is bullshit. Power to the people! Blue for $8/month,” Musk declared, indicating he was leaning toward charging $8 a month to be able to operate more without advertising. That would then enable him not to be threatened by advertising boycotts, a common liberal effort to suppress things that they don’t like.

Musk said it would be proportionate, “Price adjusted by country proportionate to purchasing power parity.”

He then finished off with a flourish, with a fun flare.

One Twitter user, Mark Finchem, who’s the Republican candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, noticed a change — late on Halloween night — from “Top Twit” in Elon’s bio:

Some conservatives said he needed to clear up the shadowbanning first, because why should they pay $8 for a blue-check mark if they’re being shadowbanned.


Great point. Folks on the right are hoping that a lot can now get fixed, and Musk has already said he’ll be looking into things like shadow banning. He just got there; maybe we could give him a little time, especially when he’s already indicated he wants to solve these issues.

But, the tantrums from some on the left were delicious over the idea of paying.

Stephen King and David Hogg said that they thought they should get paid for the pearls of wisdom they think dropping from their mouths.

Warning for graphic language:

They were responding to the earlier report about it possibly being 20 dollars.


As though anyone is on Twitter to hear from either one of those two characters.

Maybe someone could tell me how Hogg has a blue-check, but George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley doesn’t?

But, there’s a lot of mess to work out. What’s great is that Elon seems to be intent on taking it on–and that’s something everyone can cheer about.


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