Ron DeSantis Makes a Chef's Kiss Closing Argument in Final Stretch of Campaign

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As we noted earlier, all signs are pointing to Ron DeSantis winning reelection over former Republican turned independent turned Democrat Charlie Crist in a race that saw DeSantis’ polling lead widen substantially in the aftermath of the devastation from Hurricane Ian, which by most reports DeSantis has managed more than admirably.


But perhaps with the understanding in mind that it ain’t over til it’s over, the popular Florida governor is making one last pitch to voters in his state ahead of next Tuesday’s election, hitting them right in the feels with a one-minute ad in which the video clips of him interacting with Floridians while “America the Beautiful” softly plays in the background tell most of the story.

There are no classic zings on the media and none of the epic slam dunks on Joe Biden and his other Democratic critics that conservatives have come to love hearing from DeSantis. It’s just the governor and his wife and Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis connecting with people from all walks of life in the Sunshine State and enjoying every minute of what they’re doing.

“Aren’t you glad to live in the free state of Florida?” DeSantis can be heard saying towards the end of the video. “We are going to carry this torch of freedom onward because our mission is very simple: We are keeping the state of Florida free. Thank you all. God bless you.”



In addition to traveling the state to talk to voters, DeSantis has also been stumping for Republican candidates in other states, including Rep. Lee Zeldin in New York, who as we reported earlier has given Gov. Kathy Hochul nightmares by closing the polling differential between them at a critical point in their gubernatorial battle by focusing on how fed up New Yorkers are with rising crime.

Here’s what the crowd looked like:


In August, DeSantis also hit the road to campaign on behalf of Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake in her race against Democrat Katie Hobbs, another one that has seen the Republican surge down the home stretch.

While DeSantis is poised to coast to victory in just a few days, talk of a possible 2024 presidential run grows louder with DeSantis and his campaign smartly being non-committal at this stage in the game on what the future holds politically for DeSantis beyond him potentially getting inaugurated as governor for a second time.

As always, stay tuned!

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