Kamala Harris Schedule Announcement Perfectly Personifies Contemptible Nature of Biden White House

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Two months into his administration, President Joe Biden designated Vice President Kamala Harris to be his “point person” on the border crisis, a move that along with many other decisions Biden has made over the last 20 or so months proved to be disastrous.


Along the way, Harris’ priorities were questioned even by some in the MSM as the border crisis worsened, including after she was seen at a New Jersey bakery in mid-October a year ago sampling sweet treats alongside Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), at the same time DHS Sec. Mayorkas and other senior members of the administration were holding critical high-level talks with Mexico’s president about the border crisis.

It wasn’t the first time Harris was seen enjoying bakery treats in the midst of the crisis. Just a week or so after Biden had announced her border role, Harris was spotted at a Chicago bakery. When asked why Harris was at the bakery and not visiting the border, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki incredibly said that Harris was “allowed” a snack like every other American was, completely ignoring the obvious point about how bad the optics were.

Though she was eventually shamed by former president Donald Trump into a border visit in the summer of 2021, it did nothing to help the problems in the region and came off looking like a hastily planned photo-op, which it was.

Now here we are a month away from the crucial midterm elections where illegal immigration ranks as a top concern for voters and at a time when record numbers of illegal immigrants are crossing the border, and Harris is making another trip to Texas.


But not to visit the border.

Harris will be visiting Austin on Saturday to fundraise for Texas Democrats. And as confirmed by the New York Post, there are no plans for her to travel further south:

But there are currently no plans for Harris — who has been slammed for remaining silent about the ongoing humanitarian crisis even when migrants were literally dropped off outside her home — to travel further south while she’s there, sources told The Post on Tuesday.

Texas GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales, whose district stretches from immigration hot zone Del Rio to just outside El Paso, said he hadn’t been made aware of any possible visits to his district by Harris during her trip to the Lone Star State.

“I don’t understand why the Vice President just won’t take an hour plane ride to the border and just listen, talk to people, just show up and say, ‘Hey, we are here to help.’ Just say, ‘The administration hasn’t abandoned you’ … something!”

Because, you know, priorities and stuff – like trying to help Democrats in a red state who are hoping against hope that this time around Beto O’Rourke will actually be able to win an election.

Harris is not the only Democrat to have faced criticism in recent days over placing fundraising ahead of people in terms of their priorities. A week ago, Biden appeared at a swanky D.C. Democratic Governors Association fundraiser just hours after Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida in a move that would have sent the media into a rage had a Republican president done the same thing.


In any event, though it’s not on Harris’ official schedule, there’s an outside possibility she’ll make an unannounced trip. But if it’s like the one she made to El Paso in June 2021, it will not go over well, as most people in the area at this point are sick of this administration talking out of both sides of their mouth while failing to adequately and competently address the issue.

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