Rex Chapman Urged to Cry Harder After Finding out Joe Biden More ‘Disgraceful’ Than Trump

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Every day there are lessons to be learned on Twitter, whether intentionally or by accident, and disgraced former NBA player Rex Chapman was on the receiving end of an accidental lesson Wednesday when a tweet of his on former President Donald Trump came back to bite him in a very inconvenient way.


As we previously reported, there has been no shortage of reporters and Democrats who have shamefully politicized Hurricane Ian and how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is handling the situation. Sadly, them playing politics in the midst of a natural disaster was not confined to DeSantis.

In a tweet posted Wednesday evening not long after Ian made landfall in southwest Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, battering the coastline, Chapman – who is also prone to posting racist rants – took to the Twitter machine to do what he does best: Deliberately misinform his 1.2 million followers for grins, giggles, and those sweet RTs.

Chapman was responding to a video tweet that proclaimed how awful former President Donald Trump was for allegedly fundraising in the middle of a hurricane (I’m not sure when the video was taken).

“There’s a category 4 hurricane slamming Florida right now (where he is) and the former president is personally asking for money. People are losing everything. But forget that for a second. Imagine Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, or either Bush doing this. What a disgrace,” he wrote while sharing the video:


Assuming for purposes of discussion that Trump did indeed send out a fundraising plea during the hurricane and also assuming for purposes of discussion that doing so is distasteful and inappropriate under the circumstances, what would social media influencers like Rex Chapman think when and if they found out that the current Oval Office occupant – the man who is, you know, actually in charge – is also fundraising this evening as the Florida coast gets hammered, but at the swanky black tie Democratic Governors Association reception in D.C.?

Yours truly happened to bring this very thing up to Chapman in a most gentle way:

He … didn’t take it well, first responding by saying “You get what ‘personal’ means, no??” and then moments later, “Biden just pleaded federal money to Florida champ.”


Presumably he meant “pledged,” which is an irrelevant point because the money Biden is said to be “pledging” is federal tax dollars, not money made from a fundraiser. I mean I’ll be totally glad to correct myself if we found out later that every dime raised at that Democrat fundraiser tonight goes to victims of the hurricane, but we know that’s not happening.

Secondly, is Trump “personally” fundraising during the hurricane supposed to be more “disgraceful” then Joe Biden trying to fill up campaign coffers while a major American state is getting pounded by a deadly storm? I mean Trump’s the former president and according to Democrats the further away he stays from anything political the better, except when it comes to hurricanes or something?

Makes no sense at all – especially when you consider that these people would absolutely go nuclear on Trump if he was still president and going to a D.C. fundraiser, but then again after Chapman tweeted at me I received scores of “It’s okay when Democrats do it”-type tweets, so clearly these people do believe it’s okay as long as their side does it.

Here are some words of of advice to Chapman and the rest of his devoted following: Cry harder. And after that, maybe try actually thinking before you tweet.


As Curtis Houck noted above, Republican presidents have gotten absolutely nailed to the wall by both Democrats and the media if they weren’t either hunkered down in the White House on standby or in the air with storm trackers during hurricanes. But let Joe Biden clink glasses with the Democratic elite while raising money just weeks out from a crucial election and all of a sudden it’s okay.

To repeat a point I’ve made before, if Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any at all. They certainly proved it today, and long after this storm is over and when the next one comes along, rest assured they’ll be at it again, because as the old Rahm Emanuel saying goes, they “never let a crisis go to waste.”

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