Don't Bite the Left's Divisive Bait on Herschel Walker

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Uh oh, someone is posing a threat to a Democrat politician’s hold on an office. Better make with the personal attacks.

By now, you’ve probably seen how the Democrat Party is coming down on Herschel Walker like a tidal wave with accusations and stories meant to dissuade, not independents, but Republicans from actually voting for him.


To catch you up, they attempted to dredge up Walker’s past as an absentee father. This was assisted by Christian Walker, the candidate’s estranged son, coming out with videos denouncing his father as a deadbeat dad…just in time for the midterm elections. To be clear, Walker has come clean with his destructive past and noted that he’s made amends with Christian’s mother.

He also reportedly paid for a woman’s abortion in 2009, which is thus far unproven and Walker is denying.

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As I write this, I have a lot of anonymous, low-follower concern troll accounts posing as Republicans attempting to make the argument that Republicans are hypocrites if they now vote for Walker. The goal is to weaken support for Walker, who is currently neck and neck with his Democrat opponent, Raphael Warnock.

Not-so-funny enough, Warnock himself has some serious domestic abuse allegations about him from his own ex-wife that isn’t being talked about and we all know why. If Warnock had an “R” next to his name, this would be all over every working screen from your phone to Times Square. But he’s a Democrat, so he gets a pass.


But I digress.

This abortion that Walker allegedly paid for took place 13 years ago. Let’s say these allegations are true.

So what?

There are plenty of women who are pro-life champions after having undergone an abortion in the past that they now regret. There is no reason this can’t apply to men as well.

Walker has made it clear that he’s pretty pro-life now, and the idea that someone can’t change over the course of a decade-plus is outright stupid. His intentions are to push pro-life legislation, saving countless lives in the process.

They want you to believe that Walker is actually one of them; a person who believes in abortion. They want you to think that he supports murder and that you should, on principle, walk away from him. Obviously, this is an attempt to weaken Walker’s support, paving the way for Warnock to remain in his seat and allowing for pro-abortion legislation to have a much easier time coming to fruition.

This is “Rule 4” in Alinsky’s playbook: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”


The idea is that in order to maintain your principles, one must wholly reject anyone that has committed a grand sin in the past. Abortion is one of the chief issues for Republicans and violating such a sacred commandment as “thou shalt not murder” is being used by the left as a way to manipulate you into rejecting Walker.

Don’t bite. People change and Walker clearly has. Don’t fall for the trap of living up to a standard while the left has no intention of doing it themselves. Don’t let them toy with you and use you.



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