The Very Online Left Fumes Over DeSantis' White Boots as Key Post-Hurricane Narrative Gets Busted

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Seeing as one of the main mantras of the left (and their co-conspirators in the media) is “never let a crisis go to waste,” they wasted no time whatsoever in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ian in laying into Ron DeSantis for perceived inadequacies in how he approached evacuation orders and how he has handled the rebuilding efforts so far.


Some “news” outlets even bizarrely attacked DeSantis for accepting federal money as clean-up efforts get underway.

But in yet another sign of how DeSantis has absolutely broken his critics, the Very Online Left has spent considerable amounts of time over the last couple of days trying to dunk on the popular Florida governor for wearing what looks like white rubber boots while visiting storm-ravaged parts of the state, with the underlying message being that they were so clean and sparkly that it clearly meant he didn’t get his hands dirty and he was merely there for a photo op or whatever.

Here are a couple of examples:

For the record, the boots are called “muck boots” and they are apparently something you see worn often in certain parts of the Sunshine State, especially after devastating hurricanes hit. Or in like every other part of the country after heavy rains.


“The white boots DeSantis was wearing are muck boots,” wrote Twitter user Just Mindy. “Florida is a swamp & many bodies of water have a muck bottom. Because of flooding, there is muck in affected areas. Floridians wear muck boots in those places. His muck boots look clean because they are easily rinse[d] when done.”

More importantly, the unhinged narrative that DeSantis “shut down” relief efforts for his visit was soundly debunked by the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office:

“Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and DeSoto County Sheriff Potter traveled by boat through areas in DeSoto tragically affected by Hurricane Ian.

While they discussed plans moving forward, operations have stayed rolling the entire time. Citizens have received ice and various resources within the city, and supply operations on the river have been non-stop.

Thank you for your patience, DeSoto!! #DESOTOSTRONG #FLORIDASTRONG”

No matter how much it happens it still amazes me how often Democrats and the press jump into “pounce and seize” mode ahead of, during, and/or after mass shooting tragedies and natural disasters as a way of taking cheap shots at Republicans for political gain. We saw it in Florida even before the hurricane, and unfortunately it’s still happening because to the left and the Democratic faithful in the MSM, respectful pauses in partisan politics are simply not allowed.


The Usual Suspects are spending way too much time trying to make this DeSantis’ “Katrina” moment but instead have made themselves part of the problem rather than the solution. Because if the best they have to offer in their criticisms of DeSantis right now is that he’s wearing white boots and that he’s spending too much time in the affected areas talking to people, you know he’s doing something right.

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