'They Think They Are God': The Left's Response to Hurricane Ian Has Been Appalling

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed the left on Thursday over their reaction to Hurricane Ian, a powerful Category 4 hurricane. We see the images out of Fort Myers, Florida, and other cities that have been ravaged by the hurricane. It is a shame that some decide to politicize this natural disaster and push their climate agenda.


Carlson said that “decent people” usually step back during devastating times like these and realize that there are more important things in life than politics.

Carlson continued:

“The one thing you don’t do is immediately jump forward to score some sort of cheap and sleazy political point from it. That used to be obvious. But for the past several years it’s been clear it’s no longer obvious, at least to one political party. You saw this happen after the forest fires in California two years ago.”

We have seen Democrat politicians repeatedly try to make this crisis about climate change and push their unrealistic “Green New Deal” agenda. California spends billions to “combat” climate change, yet we see wildfires in California every year. The Democrats’ argument is that we must “invest” billions to “fight climate change,” but that’s already being done in some of the blue states, yet any time a natural disaster occurs, they blame climate change after spending billions to “combat” it.

Here is a clip by Amy Klobuchar, as she seems to claim that if voters elect more Democrats, hurricanes will stop.


Just like Gavin Newsom throws his hands up and blames climate change when California is hit with wildfires, Democrats like Klobuchar now believe that if they invest billions in climate change, hurricanes would magically slow down or stop. It is laughable at this point, but they are serious. Voters should be aware of the amount of money California has spent on climate change because Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm has repeatedly said she agrees with California’s . aggressive approach, and it might not take long before that’s a blueprint for the nation under the Biden administration.

California is spending billions of dollars to combat the “climate emergency,” why has it not had an impact on wildfires, as they keep ravaging the state yearly? Maybe because it has nothing to do with climate change.

Carlson went on to show clips of CNN and MSNBC and how those networks covered the hurricane.

“Imagine taking a science lecture from someone as stupid as Stephanie Ruhle or Ali Velshi. So, on that level, it’s ridiculous and it’s also, as we just suggested, unseemly and anti-human. Of course. People are dying, so wait just a moment before putting forward your demands for more political power.”

Carlson later spoke about this clip of Don Lemon trying to bring up climate change and getting shut down by NOAA’s hurricane director:


Any time we see a natural disaster, the mainstream media quickly claims that these are the effects of climate change. But lately, Lemon has been called out more than ever before, and if this is the direction CNN is headed, that’s a good thing.

Carlson noted:

“It’s time to stop taking them seriously. Of course, they’re not compassionate. They don’t care about other people. What they care about is advancing the political power of the party they belong to, and if you need more evidence of that, Joy Reid went on to explain that the hurricane, the one we just saw, is not a moment to stop and reflect on the fragility of life. No, it’s another reason to keep our border open.”

“Can’t we just have a natural disaster that we accept as natural?” Carlson asked several minutes later. “That’s what they’re called natural disasters, because we didn’t cause them. They’re products of nature. God’s in charge. We’re not God.”

He concluded by saying:

“But you really have to think you’re not God in order to admit that, and they think they are God. They think they’re in charge of the weather, and that’s why they just can’t give it a break. They just can’t let people die, and their deaths be observed for what they are, which is a tragedy that demands reverence, not posturing, none of their stupid political speech. But they can’t control themselves, ever.”


Our prayers are with the people of Florida.


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