Second Round of Dem Attacks on Fox News’ Bill Melugin Confirms Peak Stupid Has Been Reached

We noted Tuesday how Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin has landed on the Biden White House’s radar in a bad way thanks in no small part to his stellar live reports on the crisis at the southern border, which puts a human face on what communities at the border are facing as a result of the Joe Biden-urged surge in illegal crossings.


“In recent days, several current and former White House and administration officials expressed to West Wing Playbook their increasing frustration with [Melugin’s] on-air coverage, arguing that there is an alarmist quality to it, designed to feed political narratives rather than illuminate the actual issues feeding the migrant flow,” Politico reported at the time.

Sadly, the update to this story is equally as disturbing as the last one but for different reasons.

On Wednesday, Politico’s Playbook noted that a “Democratic source” contacted them to let them know that in their previous write-up they didn’t even get to the supposedly “best part” about Bill Melugin – that in his younger years he landed a job with Abercrombie and Fitch because he looked good:

In response to last night’s top about Fox News’ BILL MELUGIN, a Democratic source wrote in to tell us we “left out the best part”: Melugin’s past part-time job at an Abercrombie & Fitch store, which was known for hiring men with a particular physique.

In 2011, Melugin, who went by Billy then, told Arizona State University’s student paper that Abercrombie was “always going out into the public trying to find people that fit their look.” He explained he was outside, studying for a test, when “two of their recruiters came up to me, said I had a great look and offered me a part-time job.”


Wow, so like he had a part-time job, worked retail, and looked fabulous while doing it. What a major own by this “Democratic source.” Like totally. My hat’s off to them for coming up with such a stunning dunk.

Like I said earlier, this attack on Melguin is just as disturbing (not to mention pathetic) as the one revolving around his coverage of the White House but for different reasons. Since when is working part-time and being attractive considered a negative in someone’s career path? Is objectification of Melugin and his good looks what Democrat critics of his reporting have been reduced to? If so, then you know he’s hit the target.

I mean when you think about the very strong possibility that this “Democratic source’s” claim to fame in their early years quite likely was being second runner-up for Hall Monitor of the Year in senior high school, I’d say Melugin got the better end of the deal here.

Perhaps this source wants to date Melugin or something:

In any event, clearly the Biden White House isn’t a fan of having their massive failures at the border broadcast for the world to see on nightly Fox News programs – not to mention the periodic fact checks Melugin conducts on their claims, complete with receipts.


As a result, they are now on a very predictable name and shame mission on the heels of Media Matters doing the same thing, apparently unaware that reporters like Melugin don’t back down easily if what we’ve seen from him over the last 18 months or so of his time at the border and reporting on L.A. goings on is any indication.

As a media friend once reminded me, making politicians uncomfortable is a big part of a reporter’s job. And clearly BidenCo. are very uncomfortable with what Melugin, seen below in a meme of the week contender, has exposed about them.


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