Fox News Border Reporter Steps in After WH Tells a Whopper About Unvaxxed Migrants

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Day after day in the White House press briefing room, the collective intelligence of millions of Americans gets insulted, and Monday was no exception.

As we previously reported, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy sparred with press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre after he made a comparison between tennis star Novak Djokovic, who cannot travel to the United States to participate in the U.S. Open tournament because he’s not vaccinated, and unvaxxed illegal immigrants who pour across the border.


Jean-Pierre told Doocy that illegal immigrants couldn’t just “walk over” the border (unvaxxed or otherwise), which is patently false. He called her out on it immediately.

For those who missed the exchange, watch:

To back up Doocy, his colleague Bill Melugin, who has been reporting from the southern border for well over a year now, documenting on a daily basis via photos, videos, and live on-scene reports on how easy it is for illegal immigrants to get through unchecked and unvaxxed, stepped in and fact checked Jean-Pierre complete with video receipts that undeniably prove the point:


Melugin also co-authored an article about the issue and included even more video evidence.

In other words, Doocy was correct – Djokovic would indeed have better luck getting into this country if he snuck in through the southern border illegally rather than attempted to come in the legal route.

Also, as I’ve noted, if he played his cards right, Djokovic maybe could even get a free ride to New York (where the U.S. Open is being held), courtesy of Gov. Greg Abbott, who back in April announced a policy authorizing the busing of illegal immigrants dumped in his state by the Biden administration to New York, and then later Washington, D.C.

It’s just absolutely nuts that we’re this far now into the coronavirus pandemic and people still can’t get into this country legally if they either can’t prove their vaccination status or refuse to get it. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants can walk right over the border unvaxxed and get released by either the border patrol or local authorities when or if they get caught, in part simply because they don’t have the manpower nor resources to handle the influx.


This is, unfortunately, Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ America. But with any luck, not after 2024.

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