Pearls Are Clutched After Marco Rubio States an Inconvenient Truth About 'Pregnant Men'

Up until the era of “woke” began, it was a broadly accepted scientific fact worldwide that only women could get pregnant and give birth.

But after the onslaught of “woke” started, we were informed by our intellectual betters in the media, on the left, and even by some in the scientific community that men could in fact get pregnant, though they would – and still do – sometimes (and conveniently) leave out or post in the very fine print the qualifier about how the “men” then are referring to as being able to get pregnant are people who were born women but who now identify as men.


Understandably, resistance to the “new normal” of pretending that “men can get pregnant” has been fierce, most notably among conservatives and even a few brave feminists on the left who are beyond the point of caring whether or not they are viewed as “transphobic” by the same people who, if they had their way, would effectively erase women altogether from the public lexicon by completely redefining what it means to be one.

This brings me to recent comments Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) made at the National Conservatism Conference where he stated that a pregnant man has “never happened.” Note how “The Recount” proclaims this a “factually inaccurate” statement:

But what was “factually inaccurate” about Rubio’s claim? “The Recount” hasn’t explained, but former Trump acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, who is gay, pointed out that science – which “isn’t woke or transphobic” – backs up what Rubio said:


I mean, biological men do not have the necessary “equipment” to give birth. That was a scientific fact last time I checked. Transgender men can give birth, but only because they were born women and because those who still have their lady parts can get pregnant and carry a child to term. Like I said earlier, the latter is oftentimes not mentioned when declarations like The Recount’s are made.

Perhaps moreso than any other Republican Senator outside of Ted Cruz, Rubio has consistently decried the left’s (and the government’s) attempts at redefining the word “women,” and has rightly declared that such terms like “pregnant person” and the like are ridiculous when you consider what “recorded human history” says about the issue:

The man has a point. Several, in fact.

As to whether the race between Rubio and his Democrat opponent Rep. Val Demings is close, polls show that things have indeed tightened up a bit but with Rubio maintaining his consistent lead. But if Demings decides to take it upon herself to latch on to the left’s arguments about “pregnant men,” expect Rubio’s lead to increase, because Florida has shown a growing tendency over the last several election cycles to vote red at a statewide level, in part over Democrats going too far to the left.



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