Chilling: Transgender Activist Lays Ground Rules for What 'She' Considers Allowable and Unallowable Speech

It’s another day of the week that ends in “day”, and another day where a transgender woman believes they have the authority to set the ground rules on what is and is not allowable speech.


Today’s example is Charlotte Clymer, spokesperson for the progressive bullying organization better known as the Human Rights Campaign.

Chris Field from The Blaze sets the scene for how it all started:

Clymer set people off with this tweet (allegedly in response to recent statements by anti-vaccination advocates):

Now, many people (mostly conservatives — including me) initially believed that Clymer was referring to disagreements over beliefs on LGTBQ issues.


However, NOTHING in Clymer’s initial tweet said anything about vaccinations, and Clymer has a record of being an unreserved (and crude) trans advocate. So critics of the anti-free speech tweet had every reason to assume Clymer was pushing the typical left-wing propaganda.

Oh there’s zero question that that’s what Clymer was doing, as other tweets that came from her later made clear, like these:


Now, for most people who don’t have their heads stuck up their [word that rhymes with “molasses”],”hate speech” would be defined as something deliberately obscene or vulgar that may or may not have explicitly communicated a threat of physical harm. Like “I hope somebody rapes you so you can see what it’s like”, or “You should have been aborted” or “You’re a piece of Nazi trailer-trash.”

Examples of what could be considered expressly violent speech are “I’m gonna find you and hurt you” or “Better hope you’re never caught walking outside alone.” Things like that.

But in the eyes of the Charlotte Clymers of the world, any speech they find “offensive” is considered “hate speech.” That includes mere political disagreement, calling a transgender woman a man, advocating for a woman’s right to safe spaces in bathrooms, locker rooms, fitting rooms and the like, and/or going on record as stating you find it unfair that transgender women are allowed to compete in women’s sports.


People who don’t cotton to the radical transgender dogma – in particular biological women who are in positions of influence and/or power – suddenly become Public Enemy Number 1, and they must be named and shamed, burned in the social media public square, and exiled into obscurity.

And when you ask transgender activists for detailed specifics on what defines “hate speech” and what doesn’t, they oftentimes won’t answer:

As of this writing, Clymer has not answered those questions.

Clymer, of course, is not alone in this regard. Conservatives frequently find themselves on the receiving end of charges that they are “inciting violence” for the mere act of criticizing a Democratic politician, especially when that politician is a “progressive woman of color.”

In the end, these are all shutuppery tactics brought to you by the modern Democratic party and their activist allies on the left. These people have rarely met a Republican or conservative whose opinion they didn’t find “offensive” in some way, shape, or form.


So much for that whole “diversity” in thought thing, right? You will be made to conform – or else.

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