Former Surgeon General Dunked Into Next Week After Declaring Fauci ‘Never Asked for the Spotlight'

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Like many involved in the federal government’s botched response to the Wuhan virus pandemic, former Surgeon General Jerome Adams seems hell-bent on revising history in an effort to paint his legacy and that of those he worked with during his time serving in the Trump administration in the most flattering of lights possible.


When last we left him, Adams was busy outrageously gaslighting the American people about COVID lockdowns, stating “We NEVER ‘locked down’” during the coronavirus outbreak before being corrected in no uncertain terms in the comments by an avalanche of inconvenient facts.

This time around, Adams took to the Twitter machine to defend Dr. Anthony Fauci, who he worked with as part of Trump’s coronavirus task force and who now serves as President Biden’s chief medical advisor in addition to his duties at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

As we reported earlier, Fauci announced Monday he would be stepping down after serving over a half a century in various government roles related to public health. Conveniently, he noted that his retirement would take effect in December, which would be before a new Congress – one that may be controlled by Republicans eager to question him – gets sworn into office.

“Scary to see so many just truly hateful comments about Dr. Fauci in the wake of news of his retirement,” Adams wrote in one tweet. “Scary because what does the world look like when hard working, Nation loving, and well intended people say, ‘Nope- not gonna do public service… not worth the vitriol!’?”

If Adams declaring Fauci a “nation-loving, well-intended” person didn’t once and for all discredit his opinions in the eyes of Fauci critics, his next tweet surely did.


“Tony never asked for the spotlight. Not once in 50 years,” Adams proclaimed. “But at times when others ran from it, or sought it for their personal gain, he’s always done his best to give good advice and help the public. He’s human and humans are imperfect- but that doesn’t make him nefarious.”

Again, it didn’t take long for the corrections and dunking to start:

“He never asked for the spotlight before or after the documentaries, magazine profiles, thousands of TV interviews, bobble heads and prayer candles?” asked another.

Let’s also not forget the massive self-portrait the selfless Fauci has in his office:

Last but not least, this – in my mind – will be one of the most enduring quotes that ever came from Fauci, a statement that unquestionably shows how egotistical and self-absorbed (not to mention tyrannical) he actually is:

“… people go to medical school, now, people are interested in science, not because of me, because most people don’t know me, who I am – my friends know me, my wife knows me – people don’t know me. It’s what I symbolize. And what I symbolize in an era of the normalization of untruths and lies and all the things you’re seeing going on in society, from January 6th to everything else that goes on, people are craving for consistency, for integrity, for truth and for people caring about people.”



He’s a legend in his own mind. Unfortunately for Fauci, however, his lies about the what he knew about the origins of the virus and U.S. gain of function research funding have been laid bare for the world to see, and ultimately history will judge him and his stalwart defenders harshly and unfavorably.

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