Former Surgeon General Hears About It After Straight-Up Gaslighting About COVID Lockdowns

In the coming weeks before the November midterms and in the run-up to the 2024 presidential elections, expect some wild revisionist spin from Democrats on the issue of the COVID lockdowns that were put in place in blue parts of the country at the height of the pandemic because of the rising unpopularity of such draconian tactics.


Though Jerome Adams has previously stated that his political party affiliation is “independent,” the guy who was former President Donald Trump’s surgeon general during the COVID outbreak sure came off sounding an awful lot like a Democrat with remarks he made on Twitter Sunday suggesting that the country “NEVER ‘locked down'” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a mini-thread, Adams addressed people – presumably politicians and those who want to be one – who he says are declaring we will never lock down again.

“Today’s IDK who needs to hear this: ‘We will never lock down again’ is a political campaign slogan – not a real and honest discussion about pandemic policy,” he proclaimed. “We NEVER ‘locked down’ before (especially so in the places that most complain about it) so we can’t do it ‘again….'”

He then seemed to contradict himself a bit in his second tweet with his acknowledgement about the prolonged school and business closings that occurred due to government mandates during the outbreak.

“If your position is, ‘with the knowledge and the tools we have gained we must do all we can to keep from closing schools,’ then I completely agree,” Adams noted. “Or perhaps ‘we can utilize those same lessons and tools to help keep businesses open’ – I also agree with this- so lets discuss!”


Adams concluded by calling talk about lockdowns “deadly hyperbole.”

“Pandemic hyperbole is as rampant and deadly as Covid19. If we want to have sincere and honest conversations about policy, we’ve got to be sincere and honest ourselves,” Adams went on to say dishonestly and insincerely. “Starting w/ acknowledging we never truly locked down, yet we must do all we can to keep open in the future.”

For starters, you can’t claim on one hand we were “NEVER” locked down and then on the other acknowledge that businesses and schools were shuttered (by government force) for months during the coronavirus outbreak.

Further, apparently Adams has conveniently forgotten about all the people who were either publicly shamed or arrested for simply trying to go to the parks, the beaches, churches, and to work and also those whose neighbors snitched on them thanks to snitch hotlines created by local governments in an effort to enforce “stay at home” orders and to stop indoor gatherings (whether they be business-related or otherwise) of more than a few people.

Understandably, Adams heard about it in the comments to his posts.

A Twitter user named “Ryan” countered Adams’ claims by talking about what he had to go through during COVID lockdowns.

“As someone who lived in lockdown hell in MN for 2 years, I lost 1) my high school graduation 2) my prom 3) my first year of college 4) social interaction. Public health locked me in my bedroom along with many other kids. If that doesn’t constitute lockdown, I don’t know what does.”


In response, Adams predictably tried to move the goalposts.

“I appreciate what you went through (I have 3 school age kids who went through the same),” he wrote back. “I respectfully would suggest people like Brittany Griner, or my brother (who actually WAS in prison in 2020) would argue that there are different degrees of ‘lockdown hell.'”

Writer Ann Bauer also shared her lockdown experiences.

“I live in St. Paul. For about 8 wks in 2020 I was not allowed to leave my home after 7 p.m., for any reason (inc walking the dog),” she wrote. “Nat’l Guard were here enforcing. There was a hotline for my neighbors to call if anyone outside my family came to my house. What do you call that?”

It was at that point that Adams’ sort of acknowledged that lockdowns did occur in some parts of the country, though he still tried to downplay them.

“1) When in 2020? Was that due to covid alone, or also due to the civil unrest with George Floyd? 2) There is no doubt some places went overboard in 2020,” Adams admitted. “It’s 2022 now. So how about we discuss what we can and should be doing now, based on what we’ve learned?”

My RedState colleague/partner in crime Brad Slager had this to say after reading Adams’ argument:


Sarcasm noted, point taken. But unfortunately not by COVID lockdown revisionists like Jerome Adams.

As I said earlier, be on the lookout for people like Adams who will try to spin the COVID lockdowns this country went through as overblown in the coming weeks and months as we head into the midterms and eventual presidential election. They seem to be keenly aware that history is going to one day frown on those who advocated most stridently for restricting freedoms under the guise of “public health,” which is why we shouldn’t hesitate to correct the record when the occasion calls for it. Because facts matter.

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