Outright Hilarity Commences After Washington Post 'Reporters' Clash on Twitter Over ‘Sexist’ Retweet

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In case people hadn’t noticed, there’s a crapton going on in the world today that deserves the full attention and focus of mainstream media reporters who are, among other things, supposed to be stewards of reliably informing the public about current events as well as objectively holding officials in the highest echelons of government accountable for their words and actions.


But in the case of the Washington Post, they see fit to do neither – especially when a Democrat sits in the Oval Office for photo ops while his frantic handlers do the requisite heavy lifting. As a result, the paper’s staff members appear to have a lot of extra time on their hands, which must be why two of its “reporters” became embroiled in a one-sided Twitter spat Friday that left those of us in the cheap seats chuckling while at the same time shaking our heads at the supposed “priorities” of the national newspaper that has proudly proclaimed in its masthead since February 2017 that “Democracy dies in darkness.”

It all started out with a retweet from political correspondent and former pseudo-conservative Dave Weigel, who is now just out in the open about where he stands politically (and it ain’t on the right). In a now-deleted retweet, Weigel shared a tweet from another Twitter user who joked about how in his view “Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual.”

Felicia Sonmez, one of the more obnoxious political reporters at the WaPo, noticed the retweet and immediately became fauxfended. Instead of DMing with Weigel privately to let him know it and requesting he remove it, she decided to put him on blast because apparently trying to resolve disputes amicably does not compute in woke newsrooms:


Not surprisingly, Sonmez also began to retweet the predictable “OUTRAGED!” reactions of her fellow sistahs in solidarity like ex-CNNer Soledad O’Brien, who accused Weigel of retweeting “misogynistic crap,” and BBC reporter Megha Mohan, who trotted out the woman card by proclaiming that a “minority journalist, monitored ferociously by certain colleagues, would not get away” with what Weigel (didn’t) get away with.

Fast forward to a just a short time later, and Weigel deleted his RT and issued an apology to the Hurt Feelings contingent:

“I just removed a retweet of an offensive joke. I apologize and did not mean to cause any harm.”

The highers-up at the Washington Post also got involved, and virtue signaled the hell out of what happened just so you’d know that they totally support womyn and stuff:

What will be tolerated, however, is anything pertaining to dishonestly dunking on Republicans and propping up Democrats no matter how utterly incompetent because narratives and what not, but I digress.

So Weigel said “I apologize” and the WaPo declared that “demeaning language will not be tolerated,” so all’s well that ends well, no hard feelings, time to move on, right?



Just beyond embarrassing. A dumb joke on Twitter about women is not the end of the world, nor is it a sign of the supposedly sinister motivations of those who appreciated it. And I’m just gonna say it, it’s pearl-clutching, perpetually offended women like Sonmez and O’Brien that make it harder for the rest of us. There are indeed certain situations in the workplace where women throwing the yellow penalty flag onto the field is absolutely warranted. This wasn’t one of ’em.

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