Primer: The Absolute Folly of #SteeringWheelGate Summarized in Two Tweets

As we previously reported, though the January 6th Committee show trials rank low on the priorities list as far as the American people are concerned, Democrats and their NeverTrump allies seem hellbent on seeing them through. This despite there being not even one iota of solid evidence presented that former President Donald Trump intended to incite supporters to get them to breach the Capitol that day and/or was involved in some vast alleged conspiracy/plot to subvert the democratic process or whatever.


A perfect example of the sham nature of the “surprise” proceedings this week is in how then-Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows’ aide and “star” witness Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony imploded on multiple levels, as we also noted, with the “blockbuster” part of it – namely where she gave hearsay testimony about how Trump allegedly tried to take over “The Beast” from the Secret Service because he badly wanted to go to the Capitol to join the protesters – being strongly countered by the Secret Service, who say they are prepared to give additional testimony if called upon to do so.

The short but memorable journey through #SteeringWheelGate has been a fascinating one. But because the mainstream media hasn’t done their due diligence in uncovering the who/what/when/where/why of how it unfolded – specifically as to why third-hand testimony was allowed and without the benefit of also calling on actual witnesses for another round of questioning to either corroborate or counter said testimony, former NRSCer Matt Whitlock provided a handy two-tweet primer on what went down this week, including how The Usual Suspects conveniently changed their tunes on the supposed “importance” of the “Beast” story once it started to fall apart:


The “interview” on CNN involving committee member Jamie Raskin, who despite repeatedly claiming that questioning election results was wrong has himself attempted to block a president-elect’s victory from being certified, was particularly revealing not so much for what he said but for what he didn’t say:

Just incredible.

If you have any on-the-fence friends or family members who like talking politics and aren’t sure how they’ll vote in November, show them what we’ve written here about this issue and show them the tweets. Let them know that these types of pointless “get Trump” charades will continue if Democrats maintain their hold on the House and Senate when there are obviously more pressing concerns that need to be addressed as far as most voters are concerned.


We got four years of “walls are closing in” nothing-burgers from Democrats during Trump’s time in office and people are sick of it. He’s not in office anymore, but rabidly partisan Democrats are still at it because they have nothing of substance to offer and also because they have the power to do so. It’s time to move on, but the only way to get them to do so is by way of the ballot box, where the strongest of signals can and should be sent.

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