New Secret Service Comment About Actions of J6 Committee Shows How Partisan It Is

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The wild story of President Donald Trump supposedly grabbing the wheel of The Beast unraveled within hours of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony on Tuesday before the Jan. 6 Committee. But beyond the fact that it was debunked according to reports from the agents allegedly involved in the story, there’s also a bigger question here of the credibility of the Committee.


The Committee announced about a week ago that they weren’t going to be holding any more hearings until July. Then suddenly, they announced on Monday, June 27th that they were going to be holding a surprise hearing on Tuesday–and we got Cassidy Hutchinson with these allegations. So, it would appear that it was in that short period the Committee came upon the allegations.

What did they do to try to confirm those allegations with the Secret Service agents who had already testified? The agents hadn’t made similar allegations or the Committee would have put them forth. Why did they run with the allegations of someone who wasn’t even in the car, rather than the agents who were there? Read on.

The Secret Service said earlier on Wednesday that the agents are available to testify regarding the allegations. But the Secret Service is now also saying that the Jan. 6 Committee never reached out to them over the past 10 days to try to confirm or ask about Hutchinson’s story.

Anthony Guglielmi, the service’s chief of communications, told POLITICO that select committee investigators did not ask Secret Service personnel to reappear or answer questions in writing in the 10 days before asking Hutchinson about the matter at the hearing.

“[W]e were not asked to reappear before the Committee in response to yesterday’s new information and we plan on formally responding on the record,” he wrote in an email. “We have and will continue to make any member of the Secret Service available.”


So, this confirms that the Committee never even bothered to vet the story with the Secret Service. How is that doing any kind of due diligence on the allegations? The Committee’s actions also raise another question: why haven’t they called the agents back to testify? Because the failure to do that looks like they know the agents would refute the story — that they didn’t want the truth out there to debunk the false story — and that’s pretty despicable even for the likes of this Committee.

The Committee just keeps showing us who they are and digging that hole deeper.


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