Florida Democrat's Attempt at Owning Ron DeSantis, Dave Rubin Over Scheduled Event Backfires

Florida Democrat's Attempt at Owning Ron DeSantis, Dave Rubin Over Scheduled Event Backfires
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DeSantis Derangement Syndrome doesn’t take a break for three-day holiday weekends, and this particular Memorial Day weekend where America is paying her respects to those who sacrificed all in defense of our country has proved to be no exception to the rule.

Democrat Rep. Anna V. Eskamani, a Florida state representative for the 47th District, took to the Twitter machine on Friday to express her concern about an upcoming event featuring the state’s popular Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and political commentator and news talk show host Dave Rubin, a former hardcore leftist who in recent years saw the light.

The event, billed as “Dave Rubin In Conversation with Governor Ron DeSantis,” will be held Thursday in “The Plaza,” which Eskamani described as “literally in one of the most #LGBTQ+ friendly parts of Orlando.” She also huffed that it was taking place during “Pride Month” and wrote that “Orlandoans deserve better than this culture war BS”:

In an accompanying tweet, Eskamani strongly insinuated that Rubin was allegedly as homophobic/anti-LGBTQ as she insinuated DeSantis was:

One of the big problems with Eskamani’s mini-rant is, well, Rubin is gay – something he didn’t hesitate to tell her in a response that included an invite to the Thursday gathering.

“Hi Representative Eskamani, my husband and I would like to invite you to the event as our guest. First row seats, let me know…,” Rubin tweeted.

At some point, a back and forth then ensued with Rubin also inviting her to be on his show and Eskamani doing some political grandstanding by saying she’d attend the DeSantis/Rubin conversation only if she was allowed on stage to debate. Rubin didn’t fall for it and instead let her know after catching her displaying the type of bigotry she would condemn if it came from a Republican that his invite to her to be on his program still stood:

The other big problem with what she said is her clear intent to paint DeSantis as a homophobe/bigot, which I’m sure is the result of him signing the state’s Parental Rights Bill into law in March. Last I checked, however, it wasn’t homophobic nor bigoted for parents to desire age-appropriate education for children in grades K-3 that doesn’t include “woke” instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity politics matters.

In any event, hats off to Rubin for managing to undercut Rep. Eskamani’s “argument” in a single tweet and to Eskamani, too, for exposing her real self in the process. “Tolerant/COEXIST” types almost always eventually tell on themselves at some point, don’t they?

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