Heartbreak on ABC’s ‘This Week’ as Chris Christie Nails Media on Suppression of Hunter Biden Story

Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie (R) appears on ABC's 'This Week' program, 4/3/22 (Credit: ABC's 'This Week')

Chris Christie is one of those “hit or miss” types of Republicans who unfortunately misses way more than he hits. But during an appearance on Sunday’s “This Week” program on ABC, Christie didn’t just take a strong swing, he hit a home run.


The former Governor of New Jersey is a regular panelist on the George Stephanopoulos-hosted show, and at one point the discussion turned to President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, who is currently being investigated by the feds for his questionable overseas business dealings where he and his uncle James reportedly made millions.

Christie made sure to point out that the mainstream media deliberately suppressed the New York Post’s original reporting on the Hunter Biden emails scandal with just weeks to go before the 2020 presidential election, which was in stark contrast with how they ran with the allegations made by the fake Steele dossier about Trump and Russia collusion. This caused some heartbreak amongst his fellow panelists, especially with Stephanopoulos (a former senior Bill Clinton guy), and the Washington Post’s editorial page editor Ruth Marcus, both of who gave very weak defenses of the media in response to Christie’s accusations:

CHRISTIE: But, look, the idea that somehow when making the Hunter Biden decision in the midst of an election campaign, we’re saying, oh, we’ve got to be careful about Russian disinformation. But all through 2016 and 2017, we now know that it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that was creating that dossier, paying for it, and that became the basis of a “New York Times’” Pulitzer Prize. And it’s sort of —

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, there’s a separate FBI investigation based on completely different evidence that generate —


CHRISTIE: But, George, no, no, George, look, Operation Crossfire Hurricane was all about the potential infiltration of the Trump campaign by the Russians. The basis of that was the dossier. And instead —

MARCUS: And most news organizations, Chris, didn’t publish the dossier.

CHRISTIE: Oh, they didn’t publish the dossier, Ruth, but what they did was aggressively pursued that and called it as if it was fact. And with the Hunter Biden case, Twitter took “The New York Post” Twitter account down because they reported on the Hunter Biden laptop which now turns out to be completely true. So, let’s just call what — let’s call what it was.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Chris, nobody reported on the dossier during the campaign.

CHRISTIE: “The New York Post” had it right – but, George, “The New York Post” had it right, and “The Washington Post” and “The New York Times” had it wrong. Now, you can decide — everyone will decide what the motivation for that was, whether it was simple error, whether it was not sufficient reporting, whether it was bias, everyone is going to have their opinions on that. But the facts that we know now are, “The New York Post” had it right during the campaign last year, and the other media outlets had it wrong.

MARCUS: Is “The Washington Post” supposed to report on a hard drive that they didn’t have at the time that was given to Rudy Giuliani? I mean, it’s not an easy call if you’re an editor.

CHRISTIE: They reported on a lot of stuff regarding Russian infiltration on the Trump campaign that turned out to be flat wrong, dead wrong.



I found Marcus’ defense of her paper especially pathetic, not just because as Christie noted, they ran with unsubstantiated allegations about Trump and insinuated they were fact for years, but also because it’s a common practice in the news industry to initially report on allegations about political figures and their family members when they first surface whether substantiated or not. It’s what in the old days of news reporting they called “informing” people of what was going on.

Ideally when unsubstantiated, media reports make sure to note they haven’t been corroborated very early on in their stories while also letting readers and viewers know that they are working to dig into them to see if there is any basis.

That didn’t happen in the Hunter Biden laptop story, though. Once Politico published that piece on how former and current members of the intel community were saying the Hunter Biden laptop story was part of “Russian disinformation campaign,” that’s all the media (and social media platforms) needed to “back up” their very calculated decision to suppress the story in an effort to shield Joe Biden from more scrutiny in the days and weeks leading up to the election.

We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt 17 months later thanks to delayed reporting from supposedly “reputable” papers like the New York Times and the WaPo that the stories about the information obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop were legit.


No matter how many ways Marcus and Stephanopoulos (and others in the MSM like Chuck Todd) want to spin how the Steele dossier was covered in comparison to the non-existent Hunter Biden coverage, there is no denying what happened in October 2020 as a national news outlet (the New York Post) was punished not just by Twitter and Facebook but also by other “news” outlets all for the apparent crime of raising questions about what “The Big Guy” might have known about what his son Hunter was claiming in those emails.

Those are the inconvenient facts, as painful as they may be to the left/media. And as the Ben Shapiro saying goes, facts don’t care about your feelings.

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