Report Suggests Corporate Media Suppression Of Hunter Biden Story Was Essential To Biden’s Performance

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Internal data from the Biden campaign reveals something that they would rather not admit. However, it’s something that conservatives could easily discern given the current political climate and the conduct of the corporate press. 


The campaign’s data revealed that if establishment media outlets didn’t ignore the Hunter Biden laptop story, it could have severely damaged the former vice president’s chances of winning. The Daily Beast, which is not exactly a right-leaning news outlet, admitted this in a recently-published piece. 

From The Daily Beast:

“But this was entirely different in its scope. According to their data, there was more social chatter happening around the Hunter Biden story than there had been around stories about Hillary Clinton’s emails during the last month of the 2016 campaign.”

It’s an interesting revelation. Despite the best efforts of Facebook and Twitter, who tried to prevent the dissemination of the New York Post Hunter Biden story, it was still discussed more often online than Clinton’s emails. However, the report also mentions Biden’s saving grace: “While the Hunter Biden story had taken off on Facebook, YouTube, and various right-wing sites, it had not crossed over into mainstream outlets.”

The Beast acknowledged that the Democratic Party has not stepped up its game when it comes to its persuasion efforts online. “As the party takes stock of an election in which it suffered unexpected losses down-ballot and a major triumph at the top of the ticket, at least one area of agreement has emerged: Democrats are still losing the war online,” the author wrote.


The report demonstrates that the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s business dealings was catching on. While the author argued that it wasn’t persuading anyone, the actions of Twitter and Facebook, along with the corporate press suggest otherwise. 

If the story wasn’t compelling, why did Twitter go to such lengths to suppress it? The company blocked its users from sharing the information. They locked the New York Post’s account for tweeting it. The powers-that-be at the social media company even locked White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s accounts for sharing the report.

Moreover, if the story wasn’t persuading anyone, why did the corporate press feel the need to ignore it? Establishment media outlets like CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC, and others rarely discussed the matter, and when they did, they pretended it was a nothingburger. 

Conservatives have done well by using alternative media to get their message out to the public. Right-leaning online news outlets, along with podcasts, videos, and other content creation methods, have empowered conservatives to bypass the dominance of the establishment media, which is controlled by the left. 


It is no surprise that they are afraid of right-wing views being disseminated online. Their fear has led them to censor conservative voices. But in the case of the Hunter Biden story, it clearly didn’t work. Even so, conservatives must continue to push back against the far-left’s attempts to silence their voices. Otherwise, progressives will gain supremacy over all other avenues of communication as well. 


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