Mayor Muriel Bowser Acts Stupidly When Asked About Killing of D.C. Doctor by Carjacker

During the summer of 2020 when Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led “activists” were engaged in looting and destruction while waving “Defund the Police” signs and left-wing politicos all the way up to the Democratic presidential ticket were singing their praises while denigrating the men and women who put their lives on the line every day, violent crime started skyrocketing in Democrat-run cities across America.


When the coronavirus pandemic hit America in early 2021, it got worse as mandates put in place in blue cities and states forced schools to shut down and businesses to operate at reduced capacity, both of which were all it took to make the crime rates worse.

At the same time, Washington, D.C. under Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser’s “leadership” saw its murder rate hit a 16-year high while Bowser made things like coddling Black Lives Matter and the BLM plaza, where “Defund the Police” messages feature prominently, priorities under her administration:

But in an all too familiar story, when a politician’s priorities are warped, it is oftentimes the people they represent who pay the price. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what has happened in D.C., which has not only seen the murder rate rise to that 16-year high but which has also seen a surge in carjackings, with the most recent one leading to the death of a D.C. doctor who was hit by his own car by a fleeing carjacker:

A Maryland doctor is dead after a carjacker allegedly stole his car and then fatally struck him as he attempted to get it back, police said.

Dr. Rakesh Patel, 33, a doctor at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, became the victim of a fatal hit-and-run in Silver Spring on Tuesday after he left his car running while he dropped something off at his girlfriend’s house when it was stolen and later rammed him, Fox 5 of Washington, D.C., reported.


It is believed Patel was hit by the car, police said, and the suspect, moments later, struck a second individual at an intersection, Fox 5 reported. The suspect fled and has not yet been apprehended, police said.


According to the Daily Mail, the two suspects were later seen ditching the car and trying to destroy evidence:

Police have since released a video of the moment Patel’s car was abandoned by two men on 16th Street and Roxanna Road near the Maryland border. Both dressed in dark clothing, they can be seen exiting the car and carrying a bottle of bleach and what appeared to be floormats.

Police believe the two men used the bleach in an attempt to clean the car of evidence, NBC Washington reported. They were reportedly pouring bleach into the car.

When Bowser was asked earlier by a reporter about the killing of Patel, her response – incredibly – was to downplay it by suggesting that the carjacker “probably didn’t intend to kill” Patel. She did make it a point to note that the family was undoubtedly devastated:

Bowser’s approval ratings are dropping for a reason, and this is one of them. At a time when people are demanding answers and want to know what city leaders will do to foster an environment conducive to turning things around, downplaying a horrifically violent crime and showing even the slightest sympathy for the perp(s) is exactly the wrong way to respond.


Another frustrating thing about all this is that Bowser is up for re-election this year and is likely to win another term despite all her failures, because if there’s anything we’ve learned from Democrat voters over the years it’s their tendency to keep putting the same failed politicians back in office and expecting different results.

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