Glenn Youngkin Gets Blamed for I-95 Traffic Snarls as Actual Governor Ralph Northam Appears to Be MIA

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been chock full of posts over the last 24 hours or so from understandably angry folks in the Virginia/D.C. area who have either been stuck for hours on I-95 in the middle of freezing temperatures and snow on the roads or who have family members and friends who are.


The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore, someone who you never want to see in your state because when he’s there that usually means trouble is ahead, tweeted out a map image this morning showing how long the logjam is. He noted that “some people” had been stuck in their vehicles “for over eight hours”:

Except for others, like Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D), it’s been more like 19 hours and counting:

As the frustrations mount and the insane clips and photos of what things look like continue to roll in, some have taken to the Twitter machine to blame Republican Glenn Youngkin, who I should point out is the Gov.-Elect and won’t be sworn in until January 15th. The blame was so predominant that as I write this, “Youngkin” is trending on Twitter.

For instance, Jonah Goldberg, who we have been reliably told is a truuuue conservative or something, said on Twitter that “If I was Glenn Youngkin I’d be flooding the zone to get this I-95 crap fixed. DC suburbs are vengeful about this kind of thing.”


When he was reminded Youngkin was not yet in charge of the state, Goldberg sheepishly noted that he “thought [Youngkin] was sworn in already. Tho grabbing his truck would be a baller move.”

A liberal calling himself “John Peter Zinger” and who has nearly 5,000 followers went off on Youngkin, apparently also not realizing that Gov. Ralph Northam (D) still held the office.

“What’s happening on the highways in Virginia is tragic. Problem is Gov. Youngkin has NO EXPERIENCE in governing. That’s what happens when voters fall for CRT dog whistles. Y’all should have stuck with McAuliffe, Virginia,” he whined.

“Looks Youngkin failed his first test in Va, with traffic stopped for 10-12 hrs on 95 in Virginia. Failure for gov.,” complained Jennifer G., a self-described “liberal transplant in NC.”

There were many more tweets along those lines, but one of the more high-profile liberals – Eric Boehlert, formerly of Media Matters infamy – deleted his when he realized his mistake (he deleted it so quickly you can’t find an archived version of it):

One Twitter user had great advice for CNN that hopefully, the “news” network will take to heart.


“CNN needs to inform its viewer base that Glenn Youngkin is not the governor of Virginia,” suggested Lafayette Lee.

Meanwhile, it would appear that Northam is MIA as this crisis unfolds:

We eagerly await the mainstream media and leftists all rushing to ask “Where is Ralph?” like they did with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last week even though he wasn’t actually missing, but we won’t hold our collective breath. Because narratives and stuff.

Update: Here’s the deleted tweet:

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