Ron DeSantis Gets Last Laugh on AOC, 'Where is Ron' Conspiracy Theorists During Lively Presser

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We reported extensively last week on the absolute meltdowns the left and some in the media were having towards the end of December over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis allegedly going “missing” for several days while there was a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in his state.


Some of DeSantis’s most notoriously unhinged critics suggested he was deliberately trying to avoid the media in the middle of the alleged “surge” in cases, a laughable claim considering how adept he’s shown himself to be when handling a hostile Florida press corps. Others threw around other wild conspiracy theories that involved DeSantis possibly being sick himself.

The reality of the matter was that DeSantis was away with his wife Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis as she received treatment for breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with in October.

During a scheduled press conference earlier today, DeSantis was asked his response to claims from his detractors that he was “on vacation” and “MIA” over the last couple of weeks. His response was classic DeSantis as he mocked the media’s double standards and pointed out how such questions would never be raised about the current Oval Office occupant by the same people, even though as COVID case numbers rose in record numbers nationwide Joe Biden headed off to the beach in Delaware, as my colleague Nick Arama previously noted.


He also pointed to the fact that the same media wondering where DeSantis was had received copies of his schedule, which showed he actually was working.

During the same presser, DeSantis also dunked on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) who was seen visiting Florida over the Christmas holiday and doing exactly what she has advised people in her home state not to do during the COVID outbreak:

In addition to AOC, Florida has also seen recent visits from other notoriously hypocritical Democrats and their enablers in the press like failed 2021 Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, New Jersey Gov. Phil “Mandates” Murphy, and CNN anchor Don Lemon, the latter of who has all but literally accused people who are opposed to vaccine mandates of being “murderers.”


Here’s the humorous greeting DeSantis’s office posted for Lemon at the time:

We’ve seen no response from AOC as of yet, but perhaps we will once she takes her foot out of her mouth over her prior ignorant comments about DeSantis being “missing.” Stay tuned.

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