Facts Are Dropped After Twitter Spreads Fake News About a Peter Doocy Question During Press Briefing

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Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki and Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who covers the White House beat for the network, have had some interesting and in some cases testy exchanges over the last several months. Their back and forths have earned him the respect of many conservatives and the ire of the left and the mainstream media, neither of who can stand it when anyone in the Biden administration is asked uncomfortable questions that not many others in the D.C. press corps would dare to bring up.


Today’s press briefing was no different. Doocy had a series of questions for Psaki, some of which he’s brought up before, on the issue of repeat offenders and Democrat-supported bail reform measures, which some have blamed in part for the violent crime spikes in Democrat-run parts of the country, as well as the horrific Waukesha, Wisconsin car plowing massacre from last month that left six dead, including a child.

In the below clip, Doocy asks “what good does it do if you’re going to give police departments extra money if they arrest bad guys and they bring them to jail and then they’re not prosecuted, they’re just right back out on the streets?”

But it’s the next clip that had the Twitter Powers That Be doing their thing by siccing social media mobs on Doocy for something he did not say or do. First, let’s get to the question, and then we’ll take a look at how Twitter spun it:


“Just in the last week we saw a New York Post item about a pick-pocket with more than 30 arrests back out on the street. We’ve seen an arsonist burn down a half-a-million-dollar Christmas tree in New York City back out on the streets. Does the president think that that’s good governing?”


As you’ll see below, Twitter commenced in spreading fake news about Doocy’s question, completely leaving out the context for the question in their trending column, making it sound like he was making an issue out of the Fox News Christmas tree arson and not Democrat support for measures that put repeat offenders out on the streets. I called them out, and so did several others:


Naturally, some of Twitter’s most notoriously dishonest accounts followed suit, with Daily Beast hack Justin Baragona also ignoring the context, Vox.com “journalist” Aaron Rupar snarking about how “Burning down Fox News’s Christmas tree is *clearly* a capital offense,” and Occupy Democrats melting down with an all caps note that read “RT IF YOU THINK BIDEN HAS MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO FOCUS ON THAN FOX’S TREE!”

If Twitter held themselves to the same “standards” they hold other accounts whose statements are much less egregious, they’d slap a warning label on their own account. But they won’t, because the Twitter Powers That Be and rank and file Democrats are both cut from the same cloth (not to mention Democrat donors and activists work for Twitter, with many in senior positions).

They are willing to lie and spread fake news because, in their view, the end justifies the means. Meanwhile, they’ll remove access from media Twitter accounts like the New York Post for reporting legitimate stories about the Biden family because those accounts dared to disrupt the narratives Big Tech and Democrats were pushing around election time.


And yet we’re supposed to believe they don’t bat for one political side or the other? Like hell, they don’t.

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