We Need to Talk About How the Media Is Labeling the Waukesha Massacre

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In the immediate aftermath of the horrific Waukesha, Wisconsin car plowing attack Sunday that left six dead and at least 62 injured, the mainstream media seemed very eager to downplay the possibility that the massacre could be an intentional act, especially after finding out that they would be unable to blame what happened on white supremacy due to the fact that suspect Darrell E. Brooks Jr is a black man who apparently doesn’t think too highly of white people and has a violent criminal history.


Initially, the MSM seemed content on settling for the unconfirmed rumors that Brooks was “fleeing the scene” of some sort of alleged knife fight when he plowed into the festive Christmas parade full of citizens of all ages. These reports were shot down pretty quickly by Waukesha police chief Dan Thompson, who said Brooks was not running from law enforcement prior to ramming his SUV into the crowd and in fact had left a domestic disturbance not long before the attack.

Unfortunately, since then the media have not stopped with their predictable yet infuriating antics on this story, clearly frustrated that they can’t default to the usual narratives they try to when a mass tragedy of this type happens in our country. As evidence, let’s take a look at how some have labeled what we now know according to the charging documents was a deliberate attack on the residents of Waukesha.

NBC News referred to it as an “accident”:

An MSNBC analyst also referred to is as an “accident”:

Newsweek and the Associated Press both used the word “crash” in their headlines:


As for CNN, Waukesha completely fell off their home page Tuesday. But they did manage to post four stories about former President Trump and one about cranberry sauce can labeling, all listed on the front page:

I checked the CNN home page today to see what it looked like. There was one Waukesha story on it. How did they refer to Brooks? As a “crash suspect”:

Needless to say, based on everything we know at this point the car plowing was no “accident” and it wasn’t merely a “crash.” It’s also a story that deserves to stay on the front pages of every major news outlet in this country, as it would be if the media’s standard default narratives actually proved right in this case.

But they don’t. And as a result, we’re seeing a despicable downplaying of what happened in Waukesha and, perhaps even worse, the memory-holing of this story is happening right before our very eyes.

While the MSM is, sadly, doing their thing, we’ll continue doing our thing by calling them out on it every single time.


In closing, please remember to keep the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers, especially as we head into the holiday season, which makes dealing with the loss of a beloved family member and friend so much harder. Here are the names of the six people who were murdered Sunday:

Wilhelm Hospel, 81
Virginia Sorenson, 79
Leanna Owen, 71
Tamara Durand, 52
Jane Kulich, 52
Jackson Sparks, 8

Many victims are still in the hospital, some of them in critical condition. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted by this senseless act of deliberate violence.

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