Fox News Anchor Was Having None of Dem Guest’s Fake Narratives During Christmas Tree Arson Segment

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The anchors and reporters at Fox News are spending a good bit of airtime reporting on and discussing the despicable incident from early Wednesday morning where someone who various reports describe as a “homeless man” allegedly set the network’s patriotic-themed Christmas tree on fire. It’s understandable they’d want to focus on this story, considering the shocking, intentional act of arson hit so close to home, literally right next to the network’s New York studios.


Popular host Tucker Carlson devoted an entire segment to it last night and others have as well, including Harris Faulkner, who sits at the helm of their weekday show “Faulkner Focus.”

During her program earlier today, Faulkner was talking about what happened with the two guests she had on – Cassie Smedile, who is the executive director for “America Rising” and Democrat Richard Goodstein, who was an advisor to Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign.

At one point in the segment, Faulkner addressed Goodstein, and wondered where we were as a society when Christmas trees literally come under attack by some people. Goodstein was chomping at the bit to respond and used the moment to try and shame the network for allegedly focusing more on the burned down Christmas tree than “decrying the anti-vaxxers,” then citing government statistics on the number dead from the coronavirus.

“To your point, if Fox would put as much energy into decrying the anti-vaxxers — we now have 800,000 people dead and one tree that’s destroyed. I don’t think there is a lack of, kind of, symmetry there,” he stated before suggesting that, “I think that’s where the energy should go.”


The look on Faulkner’s face said it all, and indeed, she was having none of it whatsoever.

“First of all, you don’t have your facts straight because many of us talk about being vaxxed, boostered, all of that, within the realm of reporting on the entire subject. We also talk about natural antibodies and all of it,” she countered as Goodstein tried to interject.

“So if you want to point a finger and call somebody anti-vaxx, get your facts straight,” Faulkner advised before trying to smooth things over with her guest. “Okay. Richard, I’ve known you a long time, and it’s not personal but you made it personal.” After that, Faulkner wrapped things up and moved on.


It never fails to amaze me how frequently Democrats and media types (but I repeat myself) get their boxers/knickers in a twist because Fox News dares to air all sides of an argument. I mean that is literally what news outlets, especially those that combine news programming with opinion/commentary programming (which is the case with most news organizations out there, CNN excluded of course because they aren’t a news org) are supposed to do.


The casual viewer might watch that back and forth and merely think that it’s odd that Goldstein would so strenuously object to Fox News’s coverage of the coronavirus vaccine. But to seasoned political junkies, it’s not shocking at all to see further confirmation of how multiple sides of a debate are anathema to the very same leftists who proclaim to be the champions of diversity of thought and tolerance for differing viewpoints.

In fact, this was actually the crux of the debate some 20 months ago when Fox News started being accused by their competitors and other haters on the left of “downplaying the coronavirus” when in reality it was other networks that were doing so in the months leading up to the outbreak here. Fox News, on the other hand, was merely reporting on what they knew at the time as well as airing multiple viewpoints on the coronavirus.

And as we all know by this point, if a news outlet dares to not swallow government proclamations whole after other outlets have, then we’re supposed to believe that lone outlet is doing something wrong, a “danger” to society for allowing the types of passionate debates that the Founders of our country envisioned.


As for the Fox News Christmas tree, there is already good news to report on it:

Nice. Maybe this one will be even bigger and brighter than the last one.

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