DCCC Inadvertently Joins the 'Let's Go, Brandon' Ranks With Hilarious Gas Prices Graphic

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There are self-owns and then there are glorious self-owns, and the cast and crew in the Biden administration have gotten unquestionably good at committing the “glorious” varieties of such things over the last 11 months.


For instance, there was the one over the summer where the White House Twitter account actually bragged about the price of BBQs going down a whole 16 cents from the year prior. For those who missed it, take a look:

I mean assuming it was even true, is that something anyone would want to strut on social media over? You wouldn’t think so, but this White House is desperate for good news of any sort, so presumably, that’s why the information was posted in the first place. Either that and/or someone is just really lacking in the self-awareness department.

There are many more self-owns where that came from, starting directly at the top with Joe Biden himself, going to Kamala Harris, and all the rest.

But earlier today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) might have just upstaged them all with a graphic they posted where they touted … a two-cent gas price decline over the last week. “Thanks, Joe Biden” were the only words they used in the tweet, which you can see below along with a corrected and much more comprehensive version of the graphic posted by the “Prison Mitch” Twitter account:


Yeah, considering gas has gone up roughly a dollar a gallon over the last several months, I doubt there is anyone, including people on the left outside of the DCCC, who thinks a two-cent decline in average gas prices in one week is something to write home about.

As per the norm, the perfect “Life is hard, but it’s harder when you’re stupid” quote from Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), who was last seen expertly trapping Biden judicial nominee Dale Ho in a huge lie, was shared in response to the DCCC’s goof:

Try as they might, there is nothing – literally nothing – to brag about regarding the Biden economy at this time. Gas prices are actually up, contra the graphic, which caused a lot of people to forgo traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday. We don’t even need fancy graphics to hammer that point home. Local news reports all over the country are filled with Average Jane and Joe consumers complaining about how the cost of gas is hurting their wallets.


Rising inflation and the supply chain crisis are still huge, concerning things that are negatively impacting the American people as we speak and with no end in sight, and Americans are still leaving the workforce in staggering numbers, which has exacerbated the supply chain crisis.

But, yes, let’s boast about Biden’s alleged role in lowering the average price of gas two cents in a week’s time. No, really, I mean it. Whoever thought this was a good idea, keep it up.

Let’s go, Brandon!

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