White House Addition of Gas Station, Police Precinct to Gingerbread Village Is Missing Something Important

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I know people love to dunk on the White House Christmas decorations every year (especially when it’s a Republican First Lady who is in charge of coming up with the theme for the season, as they did with Melania Trump quite often), but I usually have very few issues with how things look there this time of the year. Most of the time it’s gorgeous, festive, and is typically a fitting tribute not only to the iconic building which displays the decor but also the hundreds if not thousands of people involved in making sure everything goes off without a hitch.


This year’s theme, selected by First Lady Jill Biden, is “Gifts from the Heart.” Today, the press was given a preview of the White House Christmas decorations, which included a look at the traditional gingerbread White House. She posted some photos to her Twitter account earlier of some of the decor:

Looks like pretty standard fare for the most part, although don’t expect any preaching from the Usual Suspects on the left over the garish red “gifts” display seen in the lower right photo, though we were told by Melania Trump’s critics during the 2018 “red Christmas tree display” nontroversy that so much red was over the top and not suitable White House Christmas ornamentation.

As you see at the top of this post as well as in the lower left of Mrs. Biden’s tweet, a small village was added to the left side of the gingerbread White House display. It includes a police precinct, a gas station, a fire department, and a hospital.

But if you look a little closer, you’ll notice some important things that are missing, like the high gas prices at the pumps, which Breitbart White House correspondent Charlie Spiering pointed out:


Something else missing? Fire coming from the top of the police precinct after being set ablaze by Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led rioters.

I mean, if we’re striving for realism, why not go all out? Gas prices are nuts right now, and setting government buildings like police stations and federal courthouses on fire (or at least attempting to) was pretty close to standard practice during last year’s Democrat-endorsed “peaceful protests,” after all.

Another thing missing from the display, although not from the village part of it, was the infamous 2014 photo of a forlorn Joe Biden staring out of a White House window. Independent journalist Jeryl Bier helpfully added one to complete the look:

I should also note that on the right side of the gingerbread house as you’re looking at it was a warehouse, a postal office, a grocery store, and a school. Left out was the fact that the warehouse was sparsely stocked due to the supply chain crisis, the postal office was overcrowded and overpriced, and the grocery store included staple food and beverage items that cost way more than they used to even a year ago. All brought on by Bidenomics. The school was mostly empty because thanks to leftist teachers’ unions, some school districts in America are still encouraging “remote learning,” ostensibly due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Nowhere to be found in the picture? A gingerbread church, which really was needed when you think about it considering that’s where many people will be going to pray this holiday season for some miracles on multiple fronts, especially as they continue struggling to survive in Joe Biden’s America.

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