Joe Biden Just Handed Republicans a 2022 Gift Complete With Shiny Red Bow

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Much like Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, President Biden is a terrible communicator for whatever message he’s trying to sell, although to give credit where due at least McAuliffe sounds coherent most of the time even if he does come across as the stereotypical AngryMan.


The latest instance of Biden being a terrible messenger for his party and, in this instance, handing Republicans a beautifully wrapped gift complete with a shiny red bow just in time for the 2022 midterm slugfest that is already heating up came earlier today during the press conference he gave at the COP26 Global Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

In response to a question about inflation and the cost of everything under the sun going up which will mean Americans will be really feeling the pinch here at the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, here’s what Biden said:

“So there’s a lot to look at, but the bottom line is that I think that, anyone would prefer – as bad as things are in terms of the prices hurting families now, [anyone] would trade this Thanksgiving for last Thanksgiving.”


The Biden apologists at CNN didn’t do the President any favors either with this report, emphasizing the word “inflation” at the beginning of it – and it didn’t get any better from there:



But back to those Biden comments, what planet is he coming to us from? It sure isn’t earth, because most of us residing on this planet – this country to be more specific – remember that last year at this time, the economy was turning around despite the pandemic, and even most of the people who were struggling to make ends meet due to dictatorial economic lockdowns in Democrat-run parts of the country were at least able to find the food they needed for their meals and didn’t have much difficulty finding gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

Things are a lot different this year, despite what Biden and his co-President Ron Klain would like for people to believe. Due to Bidenomics, things are not only more expensive but are harder to find. It’s so bad that Vice President Kamala Harris talked during an overseas trip over the summer about the need for people to try and order things early in hopes that they could get them by Christmas.

She was telling people that in August. We are now in November. Have things gotten any better? No.

Further, the Biden administration’s scare tactics about the pandemic – coupled with the Democrat push for endless government “aid” packages at the federal and state levels as well as Biden’s private-sector vaccine mandate, has had the net effect of causing record numbers of people to leave the workforce in the millions per month, which has also exacerbated the supply chain crisis.


I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made.

As I’ve said before, Joe Biden has been a miserable failure so far at “rescuing” this country from what ails it. The reality of the matter is that his problems, by and large, are self-inflicted, with the American people bearing the brunt of the harsh consequences for them. This is what happens when you rely on shadowy co-presidents and self-important wokesters to tell you how to run things rather than manning up and actually making your own decisions based on careful considerations of all the facts.

Just how does a president worth his salt do right by his country? Not by issuing record numbers of executive orders and not by instructing his departments to lord over the peasants in a kingly fashion. A good president who wants to do his fellow Americans proud works with Congress to help set the conditions and tweak the framework that will help grease the wheels that help America churn and individuals to chart their own course – and then he gets the hell out of the way.

The beauty of our amazing country is that things don’t have to stay this way. This is what elections are for. There are elections going on around the country today including in Virginia, and of course a year from now will be the all-important midterms. Elections are our most powerful weapon in terms of sending candidates and elected officials at all levels of government messages as to our pleasure or displeasure with what they’re promising to do and/or are doing.


As I’ve also said before, in my view, if the economy isn’t humming back along as it had started to under former President Trump in the closing months of his presidency even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, nothing else will matter. Joe Biden will be toast and his party will pay the price. Kitchen table issues matter to the American people more than anything else, and even more so now as food, gas, and pretty much everything else gets more expensive thanks to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden point-blank admitted on a world stage today that things were bad economically in America right now. The GOP needs to take that line and run with it in every campaign ad they can moving forward. When even the Democrat leader of the free world is acknowledging what other under circumstances would be considered a “Republican talking point,” that tells you something – with none of it being good.

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