Biden Executes Perhaps the Most Pathetic Brag in Presidential History

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I’ve written several times in the last few months about the skyrocketing inflation that middle America is enduring right now. The costs on some of the most commonly bought items have jumped, including food, building materials, used cars, and of course, gasoline and other types of energy.


With that very negative news really setting in with voters, the Biden administration has decided to go on the offensive. In doing so, they’ve executed perhaps the most pathetic brag in presidential history.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and we can begin by asking whether this is even true or not. I’m not sure how the Farm Bureau calculates prices, but anyone that’s been to the grocery store lately is going to be highly skeptical. There’s also the consumer price index to look at, which shows that prices are up across the board.

In all cases, it appears food prices are up across the board. Is the Biden administration using some kind of adjustment to account for what would be a normal expectation of inflation? I don’t know, and I’m not sure it matters. Even if what they are saying is true, it’s clearly in contrast to the overall inflationary woes the country is dealing with right now. I mean, who brags about saving people 16 cents?


I think the bigger story here is that the White House has clearly gotten the message – people are tired of the inflation and are blaming Biden for it. In fact, there was a recent poll that showed 60% of respondents blamed increased government spending in Washington (i.e. the “America Rescue Plan”) for the big jumps.

This weird attempt at turning the tide on the negative perceptions is obviously a reaction to that. Yet, I’m not sure there’s anything effective about fluffing numbers that may or may not even be true in order to tell people they should be thankful for their extra 16 cents. It makes Biden look even further out of touch.

There’s really no escaping the political costs of the current inflationary cycle. Unless it is brought under control, and there’s little sign that’s going to happen soon, people are going to put the blame where it belongs – with Joe Biden.


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