Joe Rogan Blasts off on 'Woke' Critics of Lt. Gov.-Elect Winsome Sears as Only He Can

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One thing Democrats fear the most is the very real possibility that one day they will no longer have a stranglehold on the black vote. In fact, recent polls and past election results show it’s already slipping, along with their support from the Hispanic community, with a very noticeable erosion on the latter taking place last year.


This big fear is a huge reason why some Democrats react so outrageously when a black Republican wins their election or even makes a strong showing. Unfailingly, they continue the vicious treatment well into the black Republican’s term in office. We’ve seen it happen with Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) among others, with the disgusting “Uncle Tom” and similar racial slurs being thrown around like the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) – referred to by his fawning Democrat colleagues as the “lion of the Senate” – threw waitresses around on top of tables and sexually assaulted them.

All of this brings me to the barrage of attacks on Virginia Lt. Gov.-Elect Winsome Sears, a black Republican and Marine Corps veteran who has made clear in no uncertain terms that she will take no guff from “woke” leftists who have suggested she’s a sellout to her race because she has the nerve to disagree with Democrats on most issues. Perhaps the most despicable yet predictable attacks on Sears have come from the likes of MSNBC wacko Joy Reid and perpetually angry former ESPN commentator Jemele Hill, both of them actual racists who have accused Sears in so many words of being a willing tool for the advancement of white supremacy.


But since her election, not only has Sears picked up some vocal enemies along the way but she’s also won over some pretty powerful public media figures, including popular podcaster Joe Rogan, who set about defending her in a recent podcast as only he can as the leftist narratives around her completely crumble.


Watch below as Rogan first notes the insanity of Democrats claiming a black woman is a puppet for white supremacists before going into her fascinating back story and noting how it makes her a perfect fit at a time when the left is marching further off the cliff into the socialist abyss (language warning applies):

As for that offer from Sears to come onto Reid’s show for a discussion, we’re still waiting on word from Reid to see if she’s woman enough to take her up on the challenge. Don’t hold your breath, though, because bringing on guests who won’t allow Reid to define them and who refuse to let her get away with dumbing down the debate is not really Reid’s style.

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