Kamala Shows What Her Priorities Really Are -- Christmas Presents and Climate Change

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When Kamala Harris arrived in Singapore on the first leg of her Asian trip, she claimed that getting out the Americans and allies who were trapped in Afghanistan was her first priority. That was right after she cackled when asked that question, really showing how serious she was about it.


But then, during her major foreign policy speech in Singapore, what did she talk about? The big issues of the day: climate change and Christmas presents.

From Daily Mail:

Harris, addressing a roundtable of business leaders before her speech, warned that climate change and the pandemic have contributed to supply chain issues, The New York Times reported, and suggested parents should consider getting Christmas presents now.

‘The stories that we are now hearing about the caution that if you want to have Christmas toys for your children, it might now be might be the time to start buying them, because the delay may be many, many months,’ she said.

‘So across the board, people are experiencing the issue.

‘And, of course, the climate crisis is fueling a lot of this. When we look at the stronger typhoons that have disrupted shipping lanes and sea level rise, which threatens port infrastructure as an example. So these are the many issues that are that are causing these disruptions.’

Is she kidding? It’s August. Why would you even be talking about such crazy things now? Perhaps there might be some more important issues — like everything that her administration has blown up. She didn’t even bother to address the debacle of Afghanistan in her speech. She’s like her boss, Joe Biden. They are just living in an alternate reality. She may have thought if she went overseas that she would avoid being tarnished by the Afghanistan debacle but she really can’t get away from it.


Harris also wouldn’t comment on the comments of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Even Adam Schiff was throwing the Biden team under the bus, saying that he didn’t think that they would be able to get everyone out before the end of the month, after leaving a classified briefing. He also said there wasn’t a failure of the intelligence community and there were any number of warnings that the Taliban might take over, directly contradicting what Joe Biden said.

This administration is completely broken. While they are getting more people out, they can’t even tell us the number of Americans they’ve gotten out, just saying the number is fluid (even though they have no problem giving general numbers of people on the plane. What that means is it’s mostly Afghans and they don’t want to tell us that. But hey, at least now you’ve been told to get your Christmas presents early.


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