Scary: Biden Repeats Himself and Doesn't Even Realize It

Every time Joe Biden goes overseas, representing the United States, we, unfortunately, have to hold our breath and hope against hope that he doesn’t say embarrassing things or do something that reveals what a compromised leader we have in the post right now.


Unfortunately, Biden is Biden, so he does keep doing those things and making us seem weak to the world. While he was at the G20 in Rome, he whined about Russia and Saudi Arabia not pumping more oil saying that was “not right.” How weak that was. He would apparently like us to be at their will, relieving sanctions related to Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, while cutting pipelines and drilling projects that would help ensure our own energy independence.

He called on reporters from what appeared to be a pre-approved and very limited list, seemingly unable to have a freewheeling press conference where he took questions from many people like his predecessor. He also made a bad remark about the “trains running on time” — a remark connected to fascist former Italian leader during World War II, Benito Mussolini — particularly unwise to say in Rome.

Biden even appeared to fall asleep during the climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland according to a Washington Post reporter.


However, Biden got into even more trouble while he was trying to deliver remarks about climate change at the conference in Glasgow. First, he apologized for continually repeating himself. You would think he wouldn’t have these problems because he has a script from which he is reading. But he gets into trouble when he varies from the script. You can see why it happens here when he reads the script, then goes off it momentarily to make a comment, but then loses where he was, and repeats what he just said.

On top of it all, he’s so out of it, he clearly doesn’t even understand that he already just said the same thing — he just keeps on reading.

So exactly what is he doing there? He could have sent the script in instead. It would have been cheaper and more coherent.

Instead, we have a guy who goes to Europe for a climate change conference among his other meetings, spewing a ton of carbon emissions and sporting an 85 car motorcade. Then he preaches at us about reducing our own footprint? Come on, man! How can anyone take this guy seriously? He doesn’t even take this seriously. Perhaps we should let him sleep more — then he would be less embarrassing.


But check out how tired he really is — he clearly wants out — he’s checking his watch. Surreptitiously, he thinks, but it’s obvious. This is what we have to deal with now.

It’s straight-up scary when he repeats himself and doesn’t even realize he does it — and the message it sends to the world endangers us all.


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