Huge: Charlotte Man Wins Major Lawsuit Claiming Wrongful Termination Over ‘Diversity’ Push

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Every time I hear about efforts to “diversitize” this or that institution or place, whether it be the public school system, universities, the workplace, etc., my first thoughts (after rolling my eyes) are to wonder three things:


1) What hardworking person is going to get passed over for that promotion in the name of “diversity”?
2) What hardworking person who has worked their patooties off to earn the position they hold is going to lose their job?
3) What would the person who “won” said position as the result of either scenario one or two above think if they knew they’d been awarded that position based either in part or solely on the color of their skin, their lady parts, sexual orientation, etc.?

Now, the very “coexist” leftists who champion such diversity pushes via quota requirements but who at the same time also say there’s no place anywhere in America for discrimination on any basis will tell you that scenarios one and two above never happen.

But they do, and a Charlotte, North Carolina man through his attorneys just successfully proved it this week in a federal court:

A federal jury awarded a former Novant Health executive $10 million in damages after he claimed in a lawsuit that he was fired because he’s a white man.

Attorneys for David Duvall filed the lawsuit in November 2019.

According to court documents, Duvall was dismissed from the North Carolina-based health system, where he served as senior vice president of marketing and communications, on July 30, 2018.

The plaintiff claimed that he and other “white male leaders were dismissed from employment without warning and replaced by women and/or minorities,” court documents state.

Duvall said he was terminated six days before his fifth work anniversary, avoiding a claim for 18 months’ severance promised him when he was hired.

He claimed in the suit that his firing stemmed from a 2015 commitment Novant Health signed onto, along with other health systems nationwide, to address health care inequities.


The verdict forms, which you can see in the below news report, show that jurors checked “yes” and “no” respectively on the questions of whether Duvall proved his race/sex motivated Novant’s decision and if Novant proved they’d have made the same decision regardless of his race/sex:

Also, per the WFMY news report in the above video clip, Duvall’s lawyer Luke Largess “said a judge still has to decide whether Duvall is owed any backpay,” which could potentially mean even more than the $10 million the jury said he was owed.

In response, Novant, which claimed in court that Duvall’s termination had to do with poor work performance, said in a statement that they were “extremely disappointed” in the jury’s decision and would “pursue all legal options, including appeal, over the next several weeks and months.”

Interestingly enough, Largess said Duvall was a proponent of diversity in the workforce – but not if it meant firing people in order to achieve it.

Describing Duvall’s victory as “huge” and “major” in the headline was an understatement, I know (so please don’t @ me!), but calling it a “big f***in'” deal was off the table, so that was the best I could do.


But yeah, as Joe Biden would say, this verdict is a “big f***in'” deal for merit-based decisions and a big blow to insulting woke quotas that put a person’s physical characteristics ahead of their actual qualifications.

As actor Charlie Sheen once infamously said, this is what “winning!” looks like. More, please.

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