WaPo Floats a Bogus Peter Doocy Narrative to Deflect From CNN’s Shameful Cuomo Media Scandal

WaPo Floats a Bogus Peter Doocy Narrative to Deflect From CNN’s Shameful Cuomo Media Scandal
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CNN has been justifiably criticized by the right and even some on the left and in the mainstream media over allowing their longtime anchor and resident tough guy Chris Cuomo to “interview” his brother and former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) in cutesy segments last year as the Wuhan virus pandemic was raging across the country, hitting New York state particularly hard – especially in nursing homes and assisted living facilities after Cuomo issued a deadly order forcing such places to accept COVID-positive patients.

Both the network and Chris Cuomo landed in even hotter water earlier this year when it was revealed that he took an active role in advising his brother behind the scenes as to how to respond to the numerous sexual harassment allegations against him. CNN’s response to all this has been some mild public chastisement of Cuomo but other than that, Cuomo remains in his role as weeknight host for his show “Prime Time.”

Needless to say, this is a genuine media scandal of CNN’s own making. But because everything is stupid, whataboutism games inevitably will get played by some in the press on this issue, which we see below with Washington Post media reporter Jeremy Barr’s hot take on Fox News reporter Peter Doocy being interviewed this morning by his dad, “Fox and Friends” co-host Peter Doocy about the border crisis and the Biden administration’s disastrous response to it:

That sound you heard was thousands of heads crashing to desks after reading that tweet. I mean talk about not getting it.

Let me break this down so Barr and others in the media who have made similar comments in the past can maybe begin to get it.

The criticism over Chris Cuomo having his brother on his program wasn’t because they were related; it was because there were no hard questions asked about the particulars of how the then-Governor was managing the coronavirus outbreak, and definitely no questions about the deadly nursing home order that was already being questioned at the time Chris Cuomo was bringing oversized cotton swabs on set to take jabs at his brother for having a big nose in exchanges that looked more like something off of “Keeping up with the Cuomos” or a late-night cable comedy show sketch than an actual interview about very serious matters.

Plus, last I checked, Peter Doocy was a reporter, not the Governor of a state and certainly not in any position to dictate public health orders that could have deadly consequences. There is a monumentally huge difference between the two, obviously.

This is an emerging media narrative that is so stupid it needs to go away. It’s just embarrassing that Barr would think making the comparison was a good idea.

You’d think this wouldn’t be too hard to figure out, but I guess even expecting the bare minimum from some folks in the media these days is simply asking for too much.

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