A Disturbing Update on the Wi Spa 'Transgender Woman' Story

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In late June, Wi Spa in Los Angeles landed themselves in hot water with some female customers after claims that they allowed a person claiming to be a transgender woman to walk around in the women’s section naked, their man parts allegedly on full display. One of the outraged women filmed a video that showed her confronting an employee of the spa and asking him why it was okay.


“So Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are a woman and they can go down there with their penis and get into the women’s section?” the woman asked, visibly upset. Though it was hard to hear their response, it sounded like the Wi Spa employee told her it was California law that allowed the supposed transgender woman to do just that.

Also seen in the video clip was a woman demanding a refund, and other women who were clearly shaken up. For those who missed the video clips of the woman confronting the spa employee, click here to watch (language warning applies).

Since that time, dueling protests have been held in front of the spa, with at least one of them involving Antifa thugs who attacked people who opposed the spa’s stance. Also since that time, five women filed reports with police on the matter, “all of them claiming to have seen male genitals exposed in the women’s section of the Wilshire Boulevard health club,” according to LA Mag.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo provided an update to this story this morning, and some of the details he learned about the alleged transgender woman at the center of the controversy are deeply disturbing and lend credence to the claims made by the five who filed reports. Trigger warning applies here:


But on Monday, charges of indecent exposure were discretely filed against a serial sex offender for the Wi Spa incident, following an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Sources with knowledge of the case but not authorized to speak publicly say four women and a minor girl came forward to allege that Darren Agee Merager was partially erect in the women’s section of Wi Spa. Besides being a suspect in this case, Merager is facing multiple felony charges of indecent exposure over a separate incident in Los Angeles.


Law-enforcement sources revealed that Merager is a tier-one registered sex offender with two prior convictions of indecent exposure stemming from incidents in 2002 and 2003 in California. She declined to comment on the convictions. In 2008, she was convicted for failing to register as a sex offender.


In addition to Merager’s new felony charges of indecent exposure, she is also facing six felony counts of indecent exposure over a separate locker room incident in December 2018. Los Angeles County prosecutors accuse Merager of indecent exposure to women and children in a changing area at a swimming pool in West Hollywood Park.

“Merager claims to identify as female so he can access women’s locker rooms and showers,” reads an internal flyer by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that was sent to law enforcement departments in southern California in late 2018.


Ngo interviewed Merager for the story. Merager claims “she” is innocent and the victim of transphobia. “She” told Ngo “she” was “underwater with water all the way up to my chest” and that “she” was not seen naked by anyone at the spa. Merager hasn’t yet been arrested but according to Ngo, “she” plans to turn “herself” in and is also exploring filing lawsuits, claiming harassment and discrimination.

Obviously, this is a developing story, but based on what we know so far, I believe the women who filed the complaints. Not only does this person fit the profile of someone who would do what was alleged to have happened at Wi Spa, but the alarmed faces of the women in the video that went viral in June also tell the story.

As I said before, these women are all of us who are fed up with the politically correct BS and who are being told by Democrats, liberal newspaper editorial boards like the L.A. Times and the like to “get over” seeing men’s private parts in showers, locker rooms, dressing rooms, etc. in the name of “equality” or whatever.


No matter what the courts decide on down the line about women’s rights and those of transgender persons, this battle will never be over until women feel safe in gender-segregated facilities – and in their chosen sport – again.

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