Tucker Carlson Prepares to Make Adam Kinzinger Cry Some More

Tucker Carlson Prepares to Make Adam Kinzinger Cry Some More
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Self-described “Republican” and media darling Rep. Adam Kinzinger is back in the news yet again, this time not for insulting his fellow veterans and not for making dangerous claims about his Republican colleagues’ alleged advance knowledge of the Capitol riots that he has yet to back up, but for taking a cheap shot at Fox News host Tucker Carlson for some strange reason.

On Wednesday, in the midst of a blitz of tweets he posted/retweeted in which he and others played the “both sides” blame game regarding President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco, the Illinois Congressman took a moment to blast Carlson by accusing him of being a “scared and frightened little man,” suggesting “anger is a mask to cover being afraid”:

It wasn’t clear what prompted Kinzinger’s tweet, but we’ll go on the assumption that he was – as per the norm – looking for some extra attention and sweet RTs, which he got.

But regardless of his reasons for doing so, not only was the lack of self-awareness on Kinzinger’s part pretty stunning (especially considering the fact that he has laughably presented himself as the “classy” alternative to some of the rougher elements of the GOP), as discerning readers probably already figured out, but on his program Wednesday night, it took Carlson less than 15 seconds to warn Kinzinger that he shouldn’t have flashed the red flag at the bull.

“There are reports tonight that Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois has been crying again,” Carlson stated. “We’re going to try to get to the bottom of that story and bring you the latest on the Adam Kinzinger trail of tears. That’s for tomorrow’s show.”


In my humble opinion, Kinzinger is getting ready to find out exactly what President Biden did when he mocked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by calling him “Governor Who?” a few weeks ago. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. DeSantis wasted no time flattening Biden in response, and Carlson will likely go after Kinzinger with the same vigor.

Only one question remains at this point. Will the tears Adam Kinzinger cries this time around be fake, as they appeared to be during parts of his Capitol riots commission commentary, or will they be real?

As always, we’ll be monitoring developments and will make sure to keep you posted should anything exciting/intriguing happen. Stay tuned!

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