Adam Kinzinger, Now Serving on a Bogus Commission, Insults Veterans Who Served Our Country

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Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-DBag) is the Mayor Pete Buttigieg of the Republican Party. If you read his Wikipedia entry, it appears as though he was fashioned and groomed for political office. Not that Wiki is the most credible source, but it’s good for a timeline: and his timeline shows that there was an agenda in mind long before he ran for office.


His own Congressional biography and a puff piece by Fox News also confirm the Wiki timeline. Kinzinger followed the “upper crust” trajectory of preparation for political life. From his bio:

As a 20-year old sophomore at Illinois State University (ISU), Adam Kinzinger challenged a three-term incumbent for the McLean County Board. He advocated for restoring local government back into the hands of the people and won a seat on the board, becoming one of the youngest county board members in McLean County history. He served on the McLean County Board from 1998-2003, and graduated from ISU in 2000.

Kinzinger’s degree? Political Science, of course.

After serving 5 years on the McClean County Board, Kinzinger joined the Air Force, serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom as a pilot. So, while doing combat missions, he wasn’t on the ground, wasn’t at a daily risk of coming home with no limbs or other body parts, as his fellow Marine and Army serving men did. Kinzinger made it home intact, and a decorated veteran. The perfect way to burnish your credentials for higher elected office.

Did you know he was elected in 2010 on the Tea Party wave, and endorsed by former Alaska Governor and Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin? Kinzinger managed to ride that truly grassroots wave, and then became the fortunate son of redistricting. When his 11th District in Illinois was merged with the 16th District, Kinzinger became the fresh, young Republican face that defeated the GOP fossil who was serving the 16th at the time.


Convenient packaging, don’t you think?

Kinzinger has obviously moved far away from that Tea Party crowd, as he holds court with WY Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Egregious) as one of the fiercest Never Trumpers and savior of the Republican Party. So, it is no surprise that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cruella) tapped both of them for this bogus, January 6 Commission on the Capitol Kerfuffle.

But you would think as a veteran of the Iraq wars, he would have some respect for his fellow fighting men; especially those who literally left a piece of themselves in the Middle East for our freedoms.

Just as Kinzinger has his own definition of the Republican Party and what being one means, he has his own definition of who embodies a “Patriot.”

This is, of course, a dig at the many Patriots who were there at the Capitol, but it’s also a dig at the men he served alongside. So, you have to go back to the Revolutionary War in order to consider yourself a “Patriot”?

Learn some history, Adam.

A few commenters schooled him, not that he is paying attention. Kinzinger is so full of his own self-importance, that he could float away at any moment.


Good question. Why should we take Adam Kinzinger seriously? Apparently he has more regard for his party and his assignment than he does for his fellow veterans.

Another commenter went to the dictionary as well, and led Kinzinger by the hand to the definition of a “Patriot”:

Wars come in different forms, and not all wars are fought with guns and bombs. Threats to freedom and the United States Constitution are now more psychological and biological. More insidious, these modern wars render a higher body count, without a shot being fired. We have had a year and a half to see that play out; not sure if Kinzinger is even paying attention, as he is too busy posturing.

According to these definitions, we have many Patriots in our country, in, and out of, the military who are fighting for truth and our Constitutional freedoms on various battlefields. Some more dangerous than those missions Kinzinger flew in Iraq. Some more damaging, too.


Kinzinger is limited to his Republican version of what it means to fight for your country and snarkily dismisses anyone who doesn’t fit into his box. This is why he’s the perfect useful idiot for this so-called Commission, and a perfect picture of a Republican Party that is no longer relevant.


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