Adam Kinzinger Plays the Fool, His Potential GOP Challenger Smoothly Moves to Sweep the Leg

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) is one of those political clowns who you hate to give attention to because that’s exactly what he wants every time he opens his mouth or takes to social media to remind everyone as to just the type of Principled™ “Republican” he supposedly is.


When last we left you with Kinzinger, he was participating in a shameless smear of Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz by way of sharing a deceptively edited video clip of a speech Gaetz gave in Georgia Thursday. This was in addition to Kinzinger’s pathetic swipe at Sen. Rand Paul a few days ago after Paul announced he would not be getting the coronavirus vaccine, because taking cheap shots at a colleague’s manhood is what a “principled” Republican is apparently supposed to do or something.

But as the old saying goes, karma is a [word that rhymes with “witch”] and that is exactly what happened to Kinzinger earlier today after he posted what may have been one of the least self-aware tweets in the history of Twitter. For those familiar with the six-term Congressman’s tiresome “notice me!” schtick, his below comments speak for themselves, no explanation needed:


Why … that actually describes someone exactly like Adam Kinzinger, doesn’t it? I do believe it does.

Even after being called out, Kinzinger doubled down a few hours later because of course he did:

You’d think a narcissist like Adam Kinzinger would have a nice supply of mirrors handy, at least enough that he could look into one when he’s saying this stuff. But then maybe he understands that in doing so the mirror would break.

In any event, what made his accidental self-own even better was when Republican Catalina Lauf, who is hoping to primary him in the 2022 election, swooped in to sweep the leg:


Heh. He just walked right into that one and absolutely deserved it.

Lauf unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2020 in the 14th District race, but now seeks to unseat Kinzinger in the 16th Congressional District.

Watch her 2019 ad introducing herself to voters:


Though the odds are against her defeating Kinzinger in the primary, it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop her from giving him a helluva lot of headaches along the way. To that I say: You go, girl.

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